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Question: Is there some loss in quality when you raise the dpi value of a picture without changing dimensions!?
In Photoshop, I've changed the dpi of a picture from 72 to 300 for printing, without changing the picture dimensions and I didn't notice any loss of quality in the picture on screen, but is it noticeable on screen or is it perfectly okay to raise this value as I wish!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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What you did is called uprezzing, or interpolating!. You can see the difference even on your computer screen if you heavily magnify some details - just keep zooming in!. The 72dpi file will break up into individual pixels a bit sooner than the 300dpi version!. Uprezzing to 300 dpi didn't create more detail, it just smoothed things out by inserting even more (computer generated) pixles!.

72dpi is perfect for normal viewing on a computer because that's the maximum resolution that computer screens can handle!. But the human eye can resolve up to 300 dpi!. That's why 300dpi is desirable for printed images!.

(Yes, the human eye can see more detail than a computer screen displays - just look at your computer screen from a distance of 1 inch and you'll see individual pixels!. It's the same with a print at 72dpi!.)

Increasing the dpi beyond 300 is possible but unnecessary - nobody would be able to see the difference!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

That is because the screen can only resolve 72 DPI, so you will not seen any changes on the screen as you increase the DPI!. Actually quality is lost when you change the image from 300 DPI to 72 DPI, not as you stated!.Www@QuestionHome@Com