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Question: Looking for tips, ideas, poses for a collection of nude photos (of me, of course) I want to do for my husband!?
I have no idea what poses/positions accentuate features, and I'm basically really uncreative!. Can anyone help me out!?


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Your asking for a lot to be put in words for a lot of experience, and hope someone can jam it in one of these lil answer boxes, but here goes a try!.

Lighting IS very important, as said by ace here!. The camera and equipment isn't too important as long as you have fun doing it!. You may HAVE to have help, another female friend or family member because the angles and such!.

Try a bubble bath and candles!. All kinds of candles and lengths!. Have the bubbles sliding and dripping off body parts and such!. Not too shy!.!.!? Have close ups of areas as well!. Top!. Below!. Back side bottom!. You know areas he likes and like your self!. Have bubbles all over them, but what is under is seen!.!.

Do you have a hot tub!.!.!? One you can use!.!.!? Rent a room with one in it!.!.!?

Get some naughty nighties and almost 'nothing there' undies, again, few lights, few candles!. On the lights, take the lamp shade off and have what is called a "Bare Bulb" !.!. Believe it or not, because the light is now reflecting off a lot of things in the room, it becomes softer and warmer!. However, experimentation is needed and get at least 100 watt bulbs, all the same make for same color cast!. Here we don't care if the images have a slight yellow cast!. It will actually help the picture!. Oh, and turn your camera flash OFF!.!.!

Go to your local Adult shop and find a few costumes!. The French Maid is always a winner, as the lil school gurl in her plaid and pleated short skirt and ruffled white top!. They also have a gazillion other "props" of clothing and, ah!.!. whatever, that can be used, and re-used down the road on later dates!.

You control how risque' you want to be and how much of "your stuff" you want to show, but another hot idea is have HIM be the photographer!.!.!!? Have a few bottles of wine or Asti nice and cold and let HIM pose you "any way he wants" and you bravely go along with him thinking he will get his later tonight!.!.!.!.!.!.!. and / or - pose HIM later the way's YOU would want!.!. (works for me and mine)!.

We are a tad more daring and we sometimes shoot with a few close friends!. More minds are better than 1, sometimes!. It can be a great amount of fun and some very interesting photos can come out of it!. It's not for the shy or prude, but sure can be fun!.

Things like this are meant to be fun and exciting!. Don't bog it down with too much detail or you won't have fun doing it!. Keep it as spontaneous as you can and don't drive your self nuts with too much detail!. Let it flow!.!.!. It's one life, live it on your terms!.!.!

Bob - TucsonWww@QuestionHome@Com

Seated in bathtub, seated in arm chair, wistfully looking out of a window, holding a pet, coming out of shower, cooking in kitchen (for a laugh, maybe) waiting at door for him to come home with a martini in your hand!.

I am very good at photography!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You can look on Model Mayhem or One Model Place for ideas or you can look of a local photographer on those sites and have them shoot you!.

With photos of this type, lighting is one of the most important factors that make the images look sensuous or erotic instead of like amateur porn!.Www@QuestionHome@Com