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Question: Re-inventing Polaroid Film!. Do these people have a snowball's chance in **** of making it work!?
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Well if anybody can make it work it would be Ilford but I heard that the Polaroid Ilford talks failed at least as of May 2008 when Ilford released this statement "!.!.!. Ilford (Harman) and Polaroid had been in discussions about Ilford Photo taking on production of Polaroid's black and white professional instant sheet film!. Despite their best efforts, the prospective partners reported in April that they could not find a commercially viable way forward!.

Harman Chairman Phil Harris said, "The processes involved in the manufacture and assembly of professional instant sheet film products are very demanding, and it would require substantial investment to re-establish them at Harman technology's site in Cheshire, England!. When compared with current and projected sales for the products, it was clear that such an investment could not be justified!. While we had hoped to work together on continuing the production of instant sheet film, it is cost prohibitive to meet the declining demand!. As a company, we are saddened that such an inspirational form of expression will disappear!. But we will always remain staunchly committed to the long term future of monochrome photography in all its facets and we will continue to do everything we can to support it!." (From an Ilford press release, quoted on the APUG board by Simon Galley of Ilford!.) !.!.!."

However, if the talks have somehow resumed in this down economy and they are going to produce instant film again, I at least hope they remake 55pn and reintroduce it at a reasonable price point, last I paid for a box of 20 sheets was $100Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes because Ilford Harmon is involved in the project!. They will be making a prototype sx70 film by the end of the year and should be in full production by early 2010!. That is according to their press release!.Www@QuestionHome@Com