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Question: Converting a large format lens for a Hasselblad!?
I have a Hasselblad and would love a fisheye lens for it, however they are too expensive!.

I was talking to another photographer and he told me that some people convert large format fisheye lens to fit their hassleblad!. They would use this as a cheaper alternative!.

He didn't however have anymore info on the subject!.!.!. Does anyone know where I can read up on this!.!.!.or do you have expierence modifying good lens to fit hasselblads!?


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Try these people here!.!.!.!.!.

http://www!.kievusa!.com/ - They have a 30mm Fish Eye for 6x6 film and it's made to fit the Hassy's!. However, they be Russian but I have sold these cameras before and while they are NOT a Hasselblad, they are a fair to good copy, they work and they be thousands cheaper than a Hassy!.!.!.

What your asking will cost you more in the long run than it is worth, with all the potential machine work, adapters being made and running around!. Besides, I have NEVER heard of a large format lens being cheap!. On my 4x5 cameras, a 90mm is "wide angle" somewhat equal to a 28mm on a 35mm body!. You would need to find a 4x5 lens in the 40 to 50mm size to have what you seek!. (47mm being the accepted norm for a fish eye on this size film)!.

Again, try these guys!.!.!.!.


30mm f/3!.5 Zodiak/Arsat (fisheye) $375!.00
45mm f/3!.5 Mir 275!.00
45mm f/3!.5 Mir with Perspective Control (60 mt!. only) 575!.00
45mm f/3!.5 Mir Perspective Tilt/Shift (60 mt!. only) 1075!.00
55mm 4/4!.5 Perspective Control 575!.00
65mm f/3!.5 Mir 395!.00
65mm f/3!.5 Mir with Perspective Control 475!.00
120mm f/2!.8 Vega 375!.00
150mm f/2!.8 Kaleinar 525!.00
250mm f/3!.5 Jupiter 275!.00
300mm f/4!.5 Tair (for Kiev 88 only) 475!.00
500mm f/5!.6 Arsat 385!.00
30mm f/3!.5 Zodiak/Arsat for Hasselblad 2000 1050!.00

Russian optics are not too shabby and you can save a LOT of $$ by giving them a try!. Their fit and finish is often a tad crude, the metal parts not as finely finished as anyone else, but at 1/4 the cost, who cares!.

Bob - TucsonWww@QuestionHome@Com

I've been in the business a long time a long time & I've never heard of such a thing!. Nor do I see how it could be done!. That's not to say it can't be!.

Any large format lens is going to be more telephoto on your 'blad!.

You might try looking online for some large format photography forums!.

Wish I could be more help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Why not just take the camera and the lens and WALK INTO A PHOTO STORE and ASK THEM!? if there is an adapter available, the should know it and be able to order one if they don't have it in stock!.Www@QuestionHome@Com