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Question: What specifically what happened in the 1830's that allowed more people to have portraits made!?
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The 1830s was a big dcade for phootography, In fact the entire end of the 19th century was showed many changes in the media !.The daguerreotype ( a wet plate protrait process ) came about in 1939 invented by Louis J!.M!. Daguerre and Joseph Nic├ęphore!. The calotype was even earlier as it was invented by William Fox Talbot in 1934!. Antoine Hercule Romuald Florence had used a similar process he called Photographie,in 1832!. John Frederick William Herschel discovered sodium thiosulphate solution to be a solvent of silver halides in 1819, and told Talbot and Daguerre of his discovery in 1839 and that it could be used to "fix" pictures and make them permanent!. He made the first glass negative in late 1839!. ( he also invented the Cyanotype in 1842)!. The gum dichromate oricess, a printing process was invented in 1839, Mungo Ponton discovered that dichromates are light sensitive!. Ferdinand Gehlen in 1830 recorded observing the action of lights rays on platinum!. The following year Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner found that the action of light on platinum was quite weak, but that ferric oxalate could be combined with platinum to increase its sensitivity!. this paved the way for platinnum and palladium prints of later decades!.Www@QuestionHome@Com