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Question:e.i. Van Gogh painted a painting of a corn field with crows.

a few days later, he go to a corn field and kill himself.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: e.i. Van Gogh painted a painting of a corn field with crows.

a few days later, he go to a corn field and kill himself.

My favorite story about this has to do with Willam de Kooning (1912-1997). He was an abstract expressionalist, meaning he never painted anything you'd recognize. In other words you couldn't tell the painting from the cloth he'd used to wipe his brushes on.

De Kooning was in his 70s, and already one of the most famous painters in the world when his work changed. Critics went crazy, talking about his new compositional complexity, daring color juxtapositions, saying he was entering a whole new 'period' and his new paintings sold for a lot of money. After a few years of this, de Kooning was diagnosed with Alzheimers. And all his recent work was re-evaluated. 8^)

it doesn't matter.
and van gogh was only famous for his work after he died.

artists are artists.

Either a work of art is good or not, it shouldn't matter if an artist has an iq of 160, suffers from schizophrenia or is 12 years old. All of those excuses are justifications put forward by popular convention. I cannot go a conversation on Michelangelo without someone pointing out "did you know he was gay?" likewise the same goes for someone like Van Gogh. Yes, there is no doubt that his mental instability influenced his art. But this instability is not the sole cause for his art, otherwise any madman would be capable of great art but this is not the case. In the case of Van Gogh there are many things to consider from his use of color, line, composition, and themes which often relate to nature, god and religion as well as mankind's relationship with nature/god. These are the things which make a Van Gogh good, insanity is just a curiosity that fascinates us. But ultimately a work of art is either good or bad, and the trained eye, good taste, and the sharp mind will always be able to discern this.

Not really, if the art is good.


If you are poor and not famous : insane
If you're rich and famous : genius

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