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Question: Am I at 19 to old to pursue acting!? Is my father right!?
For the past year I have been taking acting lessons and performing in small plays!. Growing up I had always been interested in acting but never pursued it as I didn't believe in myself!. However now I've given it a go im addicted!. The feeling I experience after each play, acting class is almost like a natural high!. I relish each moment of working with my fellow actors , portraying various characters and genuinely feeling their emotions and thinking their thoughts!. I have been told by fellow actors all older and who have more experience that I have a rare talent and that I will be a star someday!. Which is hillarious I know, I don't expect to be a star all I want to do is act whether its in a smaller play house or in a small film!.

My father believes that at 19 im too old to act at that at 19 one should give up their dreams to pursue more logical career paths!. Im currently at college studying media studies, business, pyschology and anthropology!. I know how fickle the entertainment industry is and know I have to have a fall back plan but I still cannot see why I can't give acting a go!. I am mature, a hard worker, have a head for business, am intelligent and creative!. I am willing to give acting everything I have!.

When my father told me to give up on my dream (he has never seen my act) I was devestated!. Since discovering acting every aspect of my life has changed for the better!. I feel as if acting was the missing link in my life!. Is my father right or should I continue to shoot for my dreams!. There is nothing I want more than to audition to attend acting school full time!. The school I wish to attend only takes in 20 students out of 200 that audition!. But I have been told numerous times that by directors, tutors and fellow actors that I should audition!. Untill the auditions in July I plan to gain as much experience as I can taking two acting classes, acting workshops and performing in community and performing arts school theatre!.

Sorry for the long post and thankyou in advance for your advice :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

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"God im a rambler but one last thought!. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do or achieve something!. Trust in yourself, chase your dreams and lastly don't let anyone on the internet, or your dad (my add) tell you won't make it!."

Who was it that said this to me!?

I feel weird, I answer most of your questions!. I'm gonna give you a break from me :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

You can never be to old to act on the stage!. There are so many great theater actors that did not get started until they were in their 30's If you love it!.!.!.go for it!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

NO!.!.!.!.if you ask me thats acutally too young lol :)

But if you really wanna do it!.!.Than DO it!.

Never know!.!.might be the next Jessica Alba or something!


There are people who don't find something they love to do until they're eighty years old, so my answer is no, you're not too old to pursue acting!.
Just from reading this, I can tell how much you love it!.

I'm not exactly clear why it is that you can't minor in something while you major in acting, or even go for a dual major!. A lot of the things you're studying already have similar requirements to a degree in acting!. Once you have one degree, you wouldn't need to retake those classes to get another one!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I hope you will try!. Whether your plans work out as we hope, at least you will not have to live with surrendering your dreams before you are even an adult!. Talent and some luck can carry you far in this life!. Hope is important to a full life!. You are not rejecting your dad by following your dream!. Most people are not worth a great deal in the financial world until reaching age 30!. Keep your dreams, keep your dad!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It isn't a matter of age!. You are not too old to pursue your desire!. However!.!.!.the chances of you making a living from acting (and being a big star) is so remote that it would be best not to count on it!. Your father is being practical!. It isn't that he is trying to thwart your dreams, he knows that you will need to make money down the road and frankly, little plays and community theater and all that is NOT going to make you a living!. Most would be actors spend their lives waiting tables hoping for that one big chance that never comes to pass!. Believe me, no matter what small time directors tell you, there is little chance you will hit the big time and become the next superstar or even close!. When you are very young (like you and all the other youngsters here) dreaming big is easy and enjoyable!. And though you may have talent, so do thousands of others, many better than you!. That goes without saying because you have to face it that there are many who are better!. Why not get a solid education and continue in community theater!. Your father is really thinking of your future even though it seems he may be trying to stifle your dreams!. Like I said, when you're young it's easy to dream big!. But as you age, you will see that those dreams usually go by the wayside!. They just do!. You can listen to those who say "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it!." I am not saying that, but I am saying that the chances you will be the next Meryl Streep or someone like this are so slim as to be almost non-existent!. Hollywood and Broadway are full of heartache and disappointment, especially nowadays!. Be smart!. get your education!. It will last a lifetime!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You are never ever too old to follow a dream!.
You have a solid game plan, a good head on your shoulders, and have been told you have talent!. Explain to your father how important this this to you, and how well-thought out your plans are!.
Then go for it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

dont give up on your dreams!
you can do whatever you want to do!.
your 19 so its your life and if you want to go for it then go for it, and now you have something to fall back on if it doesnt work out too well!.

if it doesnt work out the way you planned keep trying or go back to college!

GOOD LUCK!Www@QuestionHome@Com

You are not alone!. I, myself, as an acting student have heard many of these tales of woe!.

Remember this one thing: You are never too old to act!.

However, you must also take this advice into hand: You either want to do it or you don't!.

It's as simple as that!. You can achieve anything that you want as long as there is a will!. If you have a fiery passion that cannot be tamed, take a hold of it!. It's an opportunity of a life time and a chance that you must take!.

I would suggest going to the acting department in your school and speaking with the acting teacher!.

In short, theatre students learn many things that an academic education alone will not teach them!. One of the most important qualities that theater students acquire is the ability to work independently and to teach themselves what they need to learn!. In many ways , this is something more important than accumulated knowledge, because it means that each acting student will be learning for the rest of their lives!. The ability to learn independently and the hunger to do so is a wonderfully important gift, one that even four years in college doesn't awlays bring!.

Now, I'm not telling you to drop all of your studies and do acting!. You should however, continue to shoot for your dreams (like you said!.!.!.continue to take acting classes etc!.!.!.) You said you have a head for business!.!.!.why not go to a college for a two year communications diploma and continue with acting on the side!? Then you can see what you enjoy the most!. Where do you live!?

Like I said, talk to the acting teacher, and go on a long walk or drive!. Think genuinely about what you want to do!. Then, apply to as many acting schools as you can!.

If you are admitted - take the chance!.Www@QuestionHome@Com