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Question: Put this paragrah from a lord of the flies theatre review into you own word(in easy text)!?
The first scene started with very funky music and a load of dancing to portray the crash of the plane!. It was very well choreographed and was a very attention grabbing start to the play!. The whole play was acted around the wreckage of the crashed aeroplane, with moving parts to make it adaptable to the various scenes!.
The idea of the modern music and dancing was used a lot in the play!.The acting was well done and made the story live up, but not re-doing it entirely!.
Overall, the play was excellent!. The speech was written in a way that amused the audience, but also extended the characters from the original novel!. I also thought that the use of the same set throughout was clever!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I don't think it would be right to completely do this; it looks as if it is work for you!

But, to improve, cut the repetitions!. The word 'play' is overused in this text, and the words are a little simple!. As well as the sentences!. If this is high grade work, the word funky would be too colloquial!. The last sentence seems a little rushed, expanding on it would be a good idea!. Maybe place it further up the text to make it seem more chronological and make a little more sense ;-)!
You're points are fantastic, I like what you said about the characters being extended from the novel!

Hope I helped!.Www@QuestionHome@Com