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Question: How do i get my acting career started!? I'm 16!.!?
okay so im 16 and a female!. I really love acting its a passion of mines!. I really want to get into some type of tv show or movie or something like that but i just dont know where to start!. i know alot of people want to be an actress/singer because they want to be famous but i really do love acting and i want others to see me act!. also i live in michigan and its pretty hard to get far in a career like this living here and i dont really think my parents would just drop everything and move just for that!. please help me any info would be great!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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There are plenty of theaters in Michigan where you can learn and master the craft of acting!. Jeff Daniels, in fact, operates his own theater company in Chelsea, Michigan!. Grand Rapids has an absolutely thriving theater scene!. Virtually every city, regardless of size, has at least one theater where you could get involved!.

If you look into taking classes at a local theater, you'll learn a great deal from veteran actors!. And if you volunteer at the theater while you're taking classes, you'll become a familiar face and that will help you when audition time rolls around!. Demonstrating that you're serious and committed will give you a huge advantage over most kids your age, since the vast majority don't really care about becoming good actors so much as they want fame!. Once you've appeared in a few productions, you'll have a resume and can shop for an agent who may be able to find you other work!.

Movies and television shows often shoot on location and look for local talent to fill extra and supporting roles!. They typically contact theaters in the area when they're looking for candidates, so if you're already part of the theater, you'll find out about auditions that won't be open to the public!. also, if you've demonstrated talent and dedication, it's probable your theater friends will even recommend you for roles that suit your talents!. Most stage actors also work in film and commercials, so local theater gives you a chance to network with those people and learn from them!.

Virtually everyone you see on TV and in movies started in the theater, since that's the best place to master the craft of acting, gain experience and build a solid foundation for their careers!. Since you're only 16 and just starting to think about an acting career, it would be silly to relocate to New York or Los Angeles in hopes of being "discovered!." You still have lots of work ahead of you before you'll be ready for big TV and film projects, but there's no reason you can't get that experience where you are now!.

The most important thing you can do is dedicate yourself to the craft of acting and take advantage of every learning and performance opportunity!. Becoming an A-list actor is a long shot, but there are plenty of working actors making a living doing something about which they're passionate!. Most people who seek fame never achieve it because their craft plays second fiddle to their egos!. But the really good A-listers still make room in their schedules to return to the stage, since it's like coming home to them!. They recognize that it's the best place to learn and maintain their acting chops, since they have to recreate a character night after night without the performance becoming stale and predictable!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I would start with some small theater programs!. Get involved with things in school such as chorus, plays, musicals, and any other thing you can think of!. Summer theater programs always look good on resumes, and as odd as it sounds, youtube helps! Post some videos of yourself singing, become better known online!. Anything to help!. Post mostly you singing broadway things, and send them to friends and family!. Tell them to help and spread the word!. If you need anymore help, email me, I'm a performer too!.Www@QuestionHome@Com