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Question: What is Fringe Theatre!?
Hi, I've been hearing the term 'Fringe Theatre' thrown around a lot lately, and I've tried to look it up, but I'm still not sure as to what exactly it is and what it entails!. Are there any current examples (in Australia) that you guys could give me!? E!.g!. a play that's currently running!?
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Both other answerers are close!. 'Fringe' theatre refers to: self-funded theatre groups, co-ops (also usually self-funded, where people put in money, but then also take an equal share of profits; also known as 'profit-shares') or other small groups!. In terms of funding, it refers to any group which does not receive annual, triennial or any other regular government funding!. While we mainly use it to refer to anything that doesn't receive funding, it also refers to an aesthetic idea of what goes against 'mainstream' performances (ie!. absurdism compared to Shakespeare = fringe compared to mainstream)

Yes, generally these shows have smaller casts (less people to pay, easier to organise, usually the groups are made up of friends or colleagues who share the same ideas), have smaller budgets (as mentioned above), smaller scale (easier to tour)

Melbourne is the fringe theatre capital, whereas Sydney is more established medium-large companies!. For example, in Melbourne, a fringe group could consist of three people (actors usually) who do all the roles involved with producing the show!. A group like Red Stitch, however, would be a 'fringe venue', in name only, because they receive considerable funding, but produce works not often seen in mainstream venues!. MTC and the Vic Arts Centre are large companies, and therefore not 'fringe'!.

A play that's currently running!.!.!. anything at La Mama, the Store Room, or other small venues, anything in the Adelaide Fringe or Melbourne Fringe festivals, and about 90% of the Melb!. Comedy Festival!.

As an example, check out http://www!.puppetsinmelbourne!.com!.au/bum!.!.!.
I helped fund three fringe shows as part of last year's Melbourne Fringe Festival!. One was an absurdist piece on the end of the world performed by two guys; another was a one-woman cabaret, the third was a circus show!. These are all self-funded, self-produced, written by the performers for the performers, etc etc!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Fringe theatre is basically alternative theatre!. The fringe term does often refer to theatres above the pub in the UK and in the United States it is equivalent to Off-Off Broadway and even Off-Broadway!. The basics are that fringe theatre shows are usually smaller scale, smaller casts, smaller budget, etc!. Fringe festivals often showcase new scripts that are usually a bit more edgy and less conventional!.

Australia has a fringe festival in Adelaide http://www!.adelaidefringe!.com!.au/tixhome!.!.!.

and I am sure if you google fringe theatre in Australia you will be able to come up with a few places to check out!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

fringe theaters are small scale alternative theaters!. im guessing that they show indie flicks or other small unknown movies!. they're usually located around pubs ,if that helps!. thers one in australia that i found called scapegoat, its apart of the Adelaide Festival Fringe
i added a link on the site at the bottom ,hope this helps!Www@QuestionHome@Com