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Question: Please help, I'm desperate, please read whole thing, it's worth it!?
I have a stage crew application for my middle school play due tomorrow! Any ideas or thoughts on it would be great!

It's for my middle school play!. It's due tomorrow! Ah! Any ideas on how to make it better, grammar mistakes, or anything at all please tell me! Thanks!

My name is Sady (insert my last name here) and I am in 8th grade!. I would like to be considered for a position on the “The Nifty Fifties” stage crew!. I feel it would be a great experience for me and I would be an excellent addition to this years play!.
I would be a helpful and dedicated member to the backstage crew!. I am very hard working and determined in anything I do!. I am ready and willing to come to every rehearsal and every Saturday you need any work done!. I can easily take charge or follow directions!. I can do a lot in a little time and am always prepared!. I’m responsible and always do my best!. I wan to help make this years school play the best it can be!.
When I saw last years play I knew I wanted to help with the next one!. My friends who did last years play told me what kind of experience they had!. They said they made so many new friends; it was the best time they’d had all of middle school!. I want to have the same experiences!. I’ve always loved going to plays and I really want to help make one!
I am very excited to see how this year’s play will turn out and I know it will be just as amazing as last years! I want to know what it’s like to work backstage in a play as I have never done it before!. I would be a dedicated and hard-working member of the stage crew!. I want to help make this play the best it can be and I think this is the way I can contribute!. Please make me a member of stage crew and you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for answering!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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It sounds great! Although I found only 1 grammar mistake!. It's when your saying "I wan to help make this years school play the best it can be!." you forgot the "t" in want!.!.!.!. Sorry to be picky but other than that it sounds amazing! I could never have thought of something like that LOL
Anyways, good luck tomarrow! :]
Best of wishes!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Thank you very much for your advice!
I think that this is a fantastic application, I am involved in theatre within my school and I know that this is exactly what my directors would look for in a stage crew member!. With your persistence and commitment you are sure to be accepted!. Best of luck! -AliceWww@QuestionHome@Com

I love it! its fantistc! I love your reasone and your grammers great! he he do you think you could answer my question please!?!?!? its in my profile!!! please help me PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Change the "anything" in paragraph two to everything!.

In the last sentence of the second paragraph, I believe you want the word "want" not "wan!." also, in that same sentence, "years" should be "year's"

In the first sentence of the third paragraph, "years" should be "year's!." There should be a comma after play in the first sentence!.

In the last paragraph, there should be a comma before "as" in the second sentence!. also, in the last sentence, you switch from first to second person, which isn't good in formal writing!.

Overall, I think it's great! Just watch out for your sentences being choppy and make sure that you change all of the "years" to "year's!." You make a lot of strong, compelling arguments which are very persuasive to the reader!. Good job! also, good luck! I wish you the best, and I hope you get in!Www@QuestionHome@Com