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Question: Anyone else avoid their family attending their performances!?
I've only been acting for 9 months but I never let any family members or friends attend the shows I've been in!. I always have to make excuses e!.g lie about the show dates!. My family always expects me to do well and im afraid that their presence will make me nervous (till the point where I can't fully get into my characters headspace)!. I have given wonderful performances up untill this point and am afraid of what will happen if I let them attend!. I take acting seriously and would never like to give anything but my best!.Does any one else feel this way or have advice!?


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wow, as good as theboss12345's answer is, maybe more can be said!.

My thoughts (which I got from trying to decide how I would feel in your situation, so could be way off track):

I wouldn't want my parents there either, but not initially because of the fear of failure!. I have always been considered shy, not one to put myself in the spot light or show much emotion, let alone act it!. So my fear would be them seeing a different side of me that they aren't used to seeing and I leave myself open to being judged on not only the performance but also how I am as that sort of person!.

Anyway, I assume the there are bright lights in the theatre or whatever place you perform!? So the chances of you actually seeing them in the crowd would be low!.

I know that doesn't change the fact you will know they are there!. One thing you could do is tell them when the performances are, but ask not to be told which one they will attend!. But maybe that will make you nervous for all performances!.

Or you could just go with the positive thinking approach!. Back yourself to perform under pressure, I know I do for myself!. Instead of being scared look at it as a chance to show your family how good they are, focus on blowing them away instead trying not to screw up!.

Once it starts you'll forget all about them anyway!.

Your lies must have been pretty convincing, I don't think I'd get away with that :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Have you realized that this could be hurting your family's feelings!? I would invite them!. If you can act in a crowd full of strangers then why can't you act in front of your family!? Try to get closer to your family and maybe you could tell them that you always try your best and don't want to disappoint them!. I highly doubt your family will be mad at you if you mess up on stage which I also doubt you will since you have had wonderful performances as you say!. If you do mess up on stage they will try to comfort you not be dissapointed in you!.

Good luck and break a leg! ;)Www@QuestionHome@Com

If you are doing what actors are supposed to do during the performance, you will not be award of who is there!. IF you are proud of your performance, you want your family there!.
What is it you are not proud of!? Them!?Www@QuestionHome@Com