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Question: Acting!. Shoot for it or not!?
My name is Austin and my dream, like many others is to become an actor! I've recently started Acting in school plays and musicals and decided that i love it so much! I want to continue but really don't know if i should!. I know that most would say to follow my dreams, but is this dream reasonable!? I realize that you don't know me or my capabilities, but i just don't know how competitive this career is or how good you have to be!? I realize this is a broad question but, if you know how to answer it, please do!
Thanks a heap,

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As with all artistic dreams, it's always competitive when it turns into a career!. But don't stop believing!
Charisma, charisma! If you can sing and dance too, that's awesome, but there's lots of hopefuls out there!. Great characteristics, are being nice, humble, and easy to work with! Don't be a diva, or divo lol
You can get an agent, but it's good getting with an acting group!. People are always watching groups to find new talentWww@QuestionHome@Com