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Question: My mom wont let me become a singer or actress or model how can i become one of those!?
im 12 really good at acting i dont no if im pretty or not and i dont no if im a good singer but alot of people say im pretty and that im a good singer!. What should i do i really want to start young!. Please help!! its my dream and i fallow my dreams so if anyone can help please do!!

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I always have wanted all of those things! Now i am doing Shows and Musicals! Im not a model though!. ( If you want to become a actress more than a model you can get head-shots[pictures])

If your mom wont let you do outside shows you can always do school wide stuff like talent shows or join choir!.

There are plenty of classes such as "Become a teen model" or "Acting at your fingertips!' ETC!.

Maybe you could do those over summer!

If you can't sell your mom on the idea, do things like sing karaoke in your room, do monologues, Stare at you self in the mirror or try on all different clothes and strut your stuff down the hallway!

The idea is to get your mom to see your dedicated! Don't be all over obnoxious about it though!

If this is really what you want to do practice, practice, practice! Show your mother your dedication!

Trust me!

I hope I help!Www@QuestionHome@Com

You should first ask yourself what you want to do most - act, model, or sing!. If you pick just one to begin with, people, including your mother, will take you more seriously!. Then, do everything you can in the field you pick!! Go to open castings, perform in talent shows, go to a lot of auditions!. If you are very serious, you can go to an agency who will help you get noticed!. also, you can take classes that will help you, but if you really can't do that, it's not absolutely necessary!. It will take a lot hard work and determination, but if you really want it, don't give up!
Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Becoming an Actress
Find every opportunity in your traveling distance that does Plays or Musicals!. Check the schools and community groups as well as professional!. Contact them and ask to be notified of any auditions!.
If you do not get a part, offer to help in any way (paint scenery, usher etc!.) Just being around the production you will learn a lot!.
Study Dance, Music and Acting!. You must be able to do at least one great and the others well enough to let the others work around you!. Find classes or instructors that have produced talent!.
Work on your image!. You have to be a go getter, with lots of confidence and at the same time come across as humble!.
Develop work ethics!. Never be late!. Never be absent!. Always be attentive!. Always show respect for others, even when you do not think they deserve it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Get involved in school activities such as school plays, chrous, and anything else they have available!. Keep practicing your singing and acting at home!. Eventually once you pick electives in high school and go into college she doesn't really have a choice in what you do!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

you can't do anything professional without mom's signature until you are 18, so just get all the experience you can in school until you graduate!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Listen to your mom and stay in school!. You don't have a good chance of actually making it so just wait until you're older!.

Good luck though! :)Www@QuestionHome@Com