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Question: Can I audition for stuff even if i'm in UK, for USA!?
Basically, I'm trying to find any auditions, but not big parts just for the summer or half term breaks, because of school!.
Right now, I'm in the UK, but I would like to audition for a movie as an extra, or something like that!.
I don't have an agent (I'm not allowed one), I don't have experience (I'm under 17, that's all I'm saying), and I would like to audition!.
But in some websites, they say you don't need any experience at all, just go for it and audition!.
Like, I would love to audition for the part of Jane in New Moon (Twilight) Or emily or leah, but I have no idea what to do!.
So, how could I audition for things from UK to USA!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Firstly, please do not let anyone tell you that you are day dreaming as if that is a bad thing!.

Day dreaming is where acting begins after all!. If you were NOT a dreamer you would not be interested in acting in the first place!.


There are many ways to become an actor but there are some better ways and some not-so-better-ways!.

You should firstly try to get work acting in local amateur/community theatre!. You will have to find them!. You will have to find out when they are holding auditions and then you will have to actually audition!. Lastly they will have to accept you and offer you a role! This is the process even in the profession!.

Secondly you should determine two things!. 1) do you like acting!? 2) are you any good at it!?

If the answer is yes to both then you should consider the trials and tribulations faced by all actors, even working professsionals!. There is a LOT of competition!. There are a LOT of day dreamers in this world alas! And many,many of them are not only talented and experienced, they have also been properly trained by an accredited Theatre School!.

It is a very difficult business in which to find work!. And, even when you do find work, you are always looking for work as most projects are very short term (a few weeks to a few months), and you must be constantly auditioning or making contacts for your NEXT job!.

Then too there is a lot of travelling involved!. Most professsional actors are required to work in many places just to keep working as there are few places in the world where acting opportunities abound!.

Finally, if you decide that you are indeed a BIG TIME DAY DREAMER and want to go for it and be the next big acting sensation then I suggest you audition for, and get accepted into a good theatre school to properly learn the craft!.

Acting is a specific skill and there are specific techniques which are used to do it well!. You need to learn these techniques from a reputable school if you want to be any good at it!.

The LAST thing any REAL actor does is look for an agent!.

As far as being an EXTRA in a movie is concerned!.!.!.this is a valid experience but not a good route to acting success!. Anything you can do to gain experience in film or theatre work will be very valuable to you but you must first BECOME an actor and that means going to school to learn it!.

Good luck and!.!.!.!.!.keep dreaming!Www@QuestionHome@Com

It's really not going to happen!.!.!. having non-US citizens working in the US is very complicated with visas etc!. and it won't happen!.

HOWEVER a lot of films are made in the UK, and there's lots of TV work too!. You really need to get an agent to get into the extras work tho!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You'll have to be present in the USA!.

You can go over there to audition but you have to make arrangements to be available there incase they need you or you get the role!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

No!. You are daydreaming!. How on earth do you think it could work!? You have to live near where the auditions for anything are!.
Be content to do amateur theatre for now!.Www@QuestionHome@Com