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Question: How can i use a commercial voice for a school project!?
i have a school project and im doing a commercial on an amuzement park!. i want to use somebody that does a commercials like frank caliendo or someone!?!?!!! anyone no if i can do that!!?!?!? is it possible!?!?!!! if not any other ideas of how to make a commercial!?!?!!!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I doubt Frank would do this for you, but you could always ask him (I don't know how!.!.!.maybe a funny plea via youtube!?)

I'd audition your classmates and see if anyone has enough talent to meet your purposes!. You can pick up soundclips for a very low price (around a dollar) on some sites like istockphoto!.com

If its just a school project, you could most likely get away with using anyone's music!. Even though it's not technically legal to use music without permission, the record companies aren't going to bother suing a non-commercial user!.

This is a nice intro to the real world of advertising for you!.!.!.most smaller advertisers can't afford famous talent either!.Www@QuestionHome@Com