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Question: Acting or just be a normal person!!!?
okay, well i really want to be an actress and my mom says that if thats what i want to do the she will support me! but i dont know what to do i would love to be an actress but i know it can be hard really hard! and some times i just want to live normal life just like any one else!!! ughh i dont know what to do! HELP PLEASE!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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i am acually an actress!. Yes, it is SUPER hard trust me!.!.!.!. if u want to do movies comercial or tv etc!. u have to want it MORE than anything in the world!. I have done JRP, disney channel workshop, disney channel auditon, plays, and i am curently working with a coach who has done tv and movies to help me prepare!. Ive had a little taste of the industry and it is cruel!. Before you decide ask yourslef this!.!.!.!.

1!. Do I want to be an actress just to be famouse!?
2!. Do i just want the attention!?
3!. Do i just want ppl to like me!?

Thats VERY importent to know those answeres!.!. GOOD LUCK!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Being an actress can be a lot of fun!. Trying to get to be a famous actress can make life miserable for you and those you love!.
My suggestion is to do the following and see where it leads!.
Becoming an Actress
Find every opportunity in your traveling distance that does Plays or Musicals!. Check the schools and community groups as well as professional!. Contact them and ask to be notified of any auditions!.
If you do not get a part, offer to help in any way (paint scenery, usher etc!.) Just being around the production you will learn a lot!.
Study Dance, Music and Acting!. You must be able to do at least one great and the others well enough to let the others work around you!. Find classes or instructors that have produced talent!.
Work on your image!. You have to be a go getter, with lots of confidence and at the same time come across as humble!.
Develop work ethics!. Never be late!. Never be absent!. Always be attentive!. Always show respect for others, even when you do not think they deserve it!.
If and when approached by a talent agent or agency!. Check them out carefully!. If you are too young to sign a contract, remember your parents will need to be very involved!.Www@QuestionHome@Com