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Question: How can i learn my script fast!?
Right i been doing blue remeberd hills for my gcse drama at school playing the part of donald and im haveing truble learning my lines and doing the west country accent !. i now have till the 4th of feburary to do donleds parts in the whole script :(

out of all the gcses i chose this is the one i love the most and dont whant to fail !.!. but with time running out and anoying partners in my script are doing just as bad or just not helping

i know i have had like 3 and half months to do it but i havent and thats that

please help me with tips and tricks to help with my lines and accent from the west contryWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Break it down (units + objectives etc!.) then memorize the stimuli that have led you to say it!. For example, if you are telling a story you simply enact each event then when you perform it you will be remembering the action!. You memorize faster if you're whole body memorizes it with you - try to connect your lines and character so they become wholly one!.

Most importantly, don't go repeating lines in your head you already know -- to really learn lines you must keep pushing yourself to memorize the line after the one you can't remember!.

Accents come from a deep connection and understanding of the character's lingual patterns!. And, as you know, committing lines to memory is a percentile of the actual work you must do to prepare!.

James Dean didn't just commit lines to memory, by the time filming started he and the lines were intertwined that connected with them on a such deeply intense and spiritual level that they cam from permeated through every fibre of his body!.

P!.S: Blue Remembered Hills rocks!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

this happend to me before i did lots of things!.

1- looked at my self in the mirror and said the lines i no with out a skript and highlited the one i dont no then learn them!.- worked!.

2- for 2 hours a day i wouild read over my lines!.- work!.

3- got my mom and dad dto play other parts - worked!.

4- asked my drama teacher for another part!.- didnt work!.

thats all!.

hope i helpedWww@QuestionHome@Com

I've found from my own experience learning lines that I work from physical cues!. Does this character have specific gestures!? e!.g!. a simple hand gesture for one line followed by a slight nod of the head for the next line!. I found if I concentrated on the physical movement that went with the line it was much easier to remember which movement came next rather than which line came next!. hope that helps and good luck dude!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I've done blue remembered hills and a lot of other plays the way i learn my lines is just to keep going over them and saying them out loud, what also helps is if you get someone to read the line before yours then you know your cue aswell as the line!.
hope this helpsWww@QuestionHome@Com

well read a line, then cover that one up and say it aloud!.
Then read that line and another line, and do the same and so on :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Use a Recording Machine!.!.
create a MP3 File for your Portable Player!.!.
Fall asleep at night listening to your lines!.!.
Get a Chalk Board!.!.and scribble out a couple of lines!.Www@QuestionHome@Com