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Question: Acting agencies without experience !?
do you know any agencies that don't require that much experience please in california but mostly by san francisco

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Disney requires NO experience!. In fact, if you stay tuned in to the movie world and hear about a role that you think you're perfect for, don't wish for it! Send them a photo of you and a quick resume!.

Its easy--most people don't even READ the resumes!. If your headshot is attractive and fits the bill of what the casting directors are looking for, they won't bother with your resume!. (Of course, it s always good to have SOME remote level of experience--McDonald's comercials or even school productions will do--so you don't give the agencies a reason to reject you!.)

Disney, Nickelodeon and the N are three good places to start!. If you hear about a role and you think you look the part, try out! Most of the time, movies have closed casting calls and you just have to mail them a resume and headshot!. For information on making a resume, go here:


I can give u the info for the casting of the Disney show "JONAS," which is still casting!. (Mail your photo and resume to the address of your choosing)

Principal Lead Casting:

ATTN: Kelley Spada
Sally Stiner/Barbie Block Casting
1040 N!. Las Palmas Ave!. Bldg!. 2, 1st floor
Los Angeles CA 90038

Extras Casting:

Central Casting
220 S!. Flower St!.
Burbank, CA 91502
Registration Info: 818-562-2755Www@QuestionHome@Com

No!. I am afraid that if you have no experience the only agents that will be interested are the ones who sell you acting/modeling lessons or classes!.
With hundreds of thousands of experienced actors, why look at someone who has none!?Www@QuestionHome@Com