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Question: Characters in New Moon!?
May someone please describe to me the new characters that are introduced in the second Twilight book, New Moon!?

I want to audition for New Moon and see what characters I can audition for!. I'm sixteen, a girl, and African American!.
If you have any advice, recommend a character, or anything, just let me know!.

Thank you :)

also, some for Eclipse tooWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
weel there is leah clearwater but she is like 20 and she's supposed to looka african american!.But there are alot of characters you could play like maybe jane from the volturie!.I dont know how old shes supposed to be but shes supposed to be kinda young!.You could also be emily!.Shes sam's fiance!.
New moon's supposed to be out on the 20 nov 2009 so yuo better go for audditions quickly!.
could you leave a comment on this page telling where the audditions are!?
please :DWww@QuestionHome@Com

Hope you have an agent, and plenty of professional acting experience and training!? Otherwise, stick to reading the books!.

Audition details will not be made public, only proper agents will be privy to the information!. Casting directors will have neither the time, nor desire, to trawl through hundreds of wannabes!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You could be one from the quileute clan!.!.!. they are supposed to be native americans though!. The second book is mostly about la push where Jacob Black lives!. The characters there are Leah and Emily!. In the end they also meet other vampires called the volturi!. You could try for any of those as well :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Have you read the book!? The first thing you should do as an actor wanting to audition for the movie is to RESEARCH! There are really no AA characters in New Moon but you could be an extra--or if you look Native American you could submit your professional headshot and resume to the casting director!. Go here:


fyi!.!.Leahs character is not going to be in New Moon!. Emily may be played by America Ferrera!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

please give me the info i also want to send my pictures
oh and there will be emily leah and janeor heidi or the the human secreteryWww@QuestionHome@Com

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