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Question: What is a casting call !? !?
Hello ,

What is a casting call !?

I want to work in acting!. also do you know where you would look for jobs behind the scenes in tv !?


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A casting call is when the director/productors for a show are auditioning actors to see who they want to cast in their production!.

There are two types of casting calls: Private and open!.

An open call is sometimes called a cattle call!. The day and time of the call will be posted publically and anyone who wants to can just walk in the doors with their resume, headshot, and music (if it's a singing or dancing audition) in head and can audition!. Later the people running the casting call will call back the individuals they liked and do a second, more in-depth audition before offering the role to one person!.

A private casting call means whoever is running the call invites you personally to come and audition!. Usually the people doing the casting will have noticed you by having seen your work before, or they will have asked an agency for people who fit the role they're trying to cast and the agent recommended you!.

Unfortunately, working in Film, Television, and Theatre is all about who you know!. You won’t find work if you don’t know people who will vouch for you!. This is largely because film, tv, and theatre are collaborative art forms, and the final product depends on everyone involved giving their best and working well together!. Therefore your temperament and how well you work with others will be just as important to you getting good jobs as how well you act is!.

Honestly the best way is to enroll yourself in a very good school!. The teachers will help you find jobs and make connections with others who will be able get you jobs!. At least, that’s how it works for me in theatre!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

it is either someone asking you to come to a casting or
it is a call (request) made to be invited to a casting!.

behind the scenes in tv i have two suggestions - most bigger
tv stations run shops, you could try to get in there as a sales
person to start with!. once you are inside you can find out
for yourself what other possibilities there are -

a friend of mine is typing the teletext in austrian tv - also a good
start, provided you can type real fast!.

i am sure that there are many more jobs in this field, but
these two i know of and they help getting closer to more
interesting jobs in tvWww@QuestionHome@Com