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Question: Important tips for becoming an actor!?
I'm 15, and hope to maybe be an actor someday!. What are some important tips for being in the business!? I don't just want to be an actor going through the motions and being the same guy in all my films like most actors!. I want to diversify!.!.!.!.change myself!.!.!.!.and I think I can do that, but there's still a lot I don't know about breaking into the business!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Hey there, it's great that you sound passionate!. Believe it or not, breaking into the business of acting requires passion and drive!. If you have that, that's more than some people have!.

Here's my advice for you, (speaking as an actress myself)
1!. Make sure to get head shots and a resume!. Those are crucial to break into the acting business!.

2!. Experienced or not, make sure to build more and more as you go!. Like with anything, practicing is essential!. Plus, on a resume, casting directors look for experience!. Whether it's extra work, community theater, etc!.

3!. Being typecast is a constant dilemma that most actors have, image is good, type casting, not so much!. My tip, try to look at many different scripts!. Knowing your niche is good, but trying something different is good too!. If you play a sappy romantic character once, try something different, like an old fashioned thug or something!.

4!. also, about breaking into the business, make sure to gain experience, apply for agents, and work your way from there!. One thing I may suggest is working as a film extra!. Sure, you won't be the lead now, but you'll learn more about the process as well as other crucial things!. Plus, it'll help in becoming connected!. If you're in high school, I strongly suggest becoming involved in drama classes!. That was how I started!. Community theater is a great thing, too!. The more theater you do, the greater the experience!. Plus, I'm into film acting, but gained a lot of my experience from stage work!. Trust me, it's extremely helpful!.

I think I've rambled enough now!. I hope I answered some of your questions!. =) Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

About the most important tip I can give you, it to being yourself 100%!. Yes, that sounds trite, easy, cliched, etc!. but guess what!? The people who not only survive but make a name for themselves are those whose sense of self never wavers!. In fact, it deepens!. Johnny Depp being a prime example!.

That means you both acknowledge and accept all your strengths and weakness, without judging either!. It means 'being' instead of acting!. Be angry or be amused, don't act amused!. Yet still staying in control of yourself and the character!.

It means giving yourself permission to make a fool of yourself in rehearsals, and not trying to be 'performance-ready' right from the first day!. It's about being vulnerable and open to explore ALL facets of yourself in order to make a character; and not be afraid to do that!. Unless you explore what doesn't work (but you still tried it) you won't know what WILL work for your character!. Surprise is keyWww@QuestionHome@Com

I've taken part in a lot of school plays, and I've realised is that when u act, u an be n e 1, but urself
I mean, it's not You who's speaking, its the person IN the movie/play!.!.!.

let me explain, I'm in an upcoming school play, Rumplestlitskin, and I'm the main girl!.!.!.!.
Actually, in my opinion, I would've just given the baby away, to the imp when he asked me for it, but this is the girl (Bruna) who is giving it, not ME!.!.!.
You hve 2 Become the person u r playing!.!.!.and put aside ur feelings and emotions, and do what's in the script
U've gotta feel what he/she's feeling, and become who he/she really is!.!.just get urself into the character and depth of the person

that's all I can say!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

heath ledger he did so many movies in a short time!. AND NOT FOR THE MONEY!. he did it just cuz he loved acting!.
study himWww@QuestionHome@Com