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Question: When I'm on stage- someone please help me!!?
i don't know why but everytime I am on stage my hands start to swell up!. They become so swollen and plump that I can hardly move clench a fist with them!. It makes me so angry because I want to be relaxed on stage,not worried abut my hands!.!.!. does anyone know why this happens!? Or how I can help fix this!?


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This happens to nearly everyone, it's just a normal stage fright thing!. Just try not to think about it and enjoy performing!. also i used to get really scared about performing on a stage in front of people but after doing it lots of times, i don't get as scared anymore, so i thing once you have done it a few times your be alright!. Take deep breaths too before going on and remember that even professionals get a little scared!.Www@QuestionHome@Com