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Question: I'm 12!. I really want to act and I know I have talent because every one is always telling me!. How do I start!?
I have a strong passion for acting and never wanted to be anything else!. I want to be an actor so bad and I will never want to turn to another path!. I used to live in London where there are heaps of auditions to apply for but I was always one year underage!. Now that I have become of age, I live in Perth, Western Australia!. I feel really remote from my happy world of acting and want to get started!. Does anyone have any ideas about how to start my career!? If you know of any Australian Teen acting agencies or anything of the sort, please add that too!.
Thanks sooooo much!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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First off, check out local auditions at theatre!.asn!.au, or read up on Aussietheatre!.com!. If you're keen, pay for a membership at QuietOnSet!.com!.au or Artshub!.com!.au; they list heaps of auditions every day around Australia!. Another good site is screenhub!.com!.au!.

My best advice is to visit the first link, head to the FAQ section, and read about finding agents in Australia, how to find work, etc!. It also has a lot of stuff about dodgy Aussie agents to avoid and people have already listed recommendations there for agents!. There's heaps of free info there for new actors, and is practically the best place you can find info for emerging actors!. There's also a huge list of companies that you can search by suburb!. THIS SITE IS PREDOMINANTLY VISITED BY PERTH PEOPLE - you don't know how vibrant the acting industry is there! There's heaps going on!

For an acting agency, try Frog Management, I've heard good things about them and they're in Perth!.


Visit www!.alliance!.org!.au, the actor's union for Australia and join!.

If you don't have experience don't expect a professional role or an agent!. I suggest you use the next years to build up experience, and then try applying for a local uni course!. Trust me, there are too many actors out there and not enough roles!. Everyone wants to be in Home and Away and Neighbours; very few actually do it!.

Those Aussie actors who are in Hollywood have spent the better part of 20 years developing their career - first in Australia, and then overseas!. Do yourself a favour; take some classes and do some shows first!.

Think about attending WAAPA, NIDA or VCA or one of the many great courses out there (there are heaps) when you're ready!. WAAPA is the Perth-based university for theatre!.

There's a lot of indie films being made in Australia, for which you can audition for without an agent; check the first link for examples, or Quiet On Set!.

DON'T sign up for one of those American talent sites!. They are scams and never have anything for Australian auditions!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yeah !. Finish school, appear on school plays, get on a community theater group, and get acting classes !.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Sinacoli Agency and school is one I have heard about!. Might be clear across the country as far as I know!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Alright!. Look online and find some acting classes!. Summer is a really popular time, and if you're good, you might only need a year or two of classes!. These are the basics!. You cannot go and start auditioning without some knowledge of theater!. Honestly, I'm at a performing arts school and those who think they know it all and don't do well are the ones who failed to get some basic training!. I've taken about six years of classes on and off as well as being completely involved in the theater community one way or another since I was about four years old!. You need to also become a member of some mailing lists that let you know about auditions in your area!. If you take acting classes, they might be able to help you!.
Really, you need to get some basic training before you start pursuing anything!. I've never felt the need to join an agency and I've done just fine!. Everyone turns to an agency as the way to start their "dream," but I feel exactly the opposite!. Those who are the purest while having at least some initial knowledge go the furthest!.
also, go and see a lot of plays!. They'll teach you some things, and with those classes, you'll be able to understand why it's so important to get the basics and apply them to your acting!. It's best to use what you know and see it being performed right in front of you!.
Good luck!. It's a tough world!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

A great way to get into acting is to start by taking some acting classes!. This will get you good and comfortable with acting and you will learn some really great things!. To get auditions for things most of the time you need an agent!. Agents represent you and negotiate prices for you as well!. There are a couple of ways to get an agent!. One, you can send in your headshots with resume attached to the agents you would like to be represented by!. Just make sure you thoroughly look into the agency first though, because there are a lot of scams out there!. Remember that agents do not cost any money and if they do it is a scam!. Another way to get an agent is the place where you would take acting classes at usually offers a "showcase" after taking a certain amount of classes!. A showcase is where invited legit agents come and you audition for them!. If they like you then you can meet with them and sign with them!. Signing with them means that you sign papers to be represented by them!. Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com