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Question: Agent, auditions, and portfilo!.!. PLEASE HELP!!!?
im an actress and well i want to get into the tv/movie inderesdry!.!. is there any tips/websites you could give me on getting an agent and making a portfilo and where to find auditions!.!.!. and just any advice realited to acting!.!. PLEASE HELP :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Start by getting as much experience as you can in your area, even if things are not professional and local!. You want to build up your resume!.

You will want to get a headshot that is current of you, professional is better!.!.!. 8 x 10 !.!.!. You will alway swant to prepare a resume with name, height, eye color, hair color, age range as well as your experience in areas including extracurricular type things that you do!.!.!.

Whether you submit for an agent or a job, staple at all four corners your resume to the back of your headshot, so when it is flipped over, you can read the resume!.!. also write a cover letter!.!.!.

For talent agents in your area or an area near yours, i suggest talentagents!.blogspot!.com, from their it is good to do further research on what you are looking for!.!.!.

acting411!.blogspot!.com and actinginfo!.blogspot!.com are excellent sites with credible information on submitting for different jobs!.!. it is also a good idea to do further research on casting calls, etc!.

good luck!! some things i said may be unclear, so just ask me if you have further questions!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

try actorsacces!.com sorry its not a link im too lazy haha well that is a website that isn't a scamWww@QuestionHome@Com