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Question: First audition!!?! need song ideas!?
lol u gotta get started somewhere if I'm gonna be famous im raki!. a break from school so I thought I would volenteer at my local theater!. thing is it's a musical!. I wouldn't say I'm horrible at singing!. but i don't know what to sing! I need some good song ideas that are happy no curse words, just a good song in general!. that the judges or who ever is watching would like!. I was thinkin frank Sinatra or some Disney songs lol!.!.!. embaressing but I don't know any songs ha!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Whenever you select a song for a musical audition, you want to sing something that's in a similar style to the music in the show, and hopefully something that evokes the character you're gunning for!. For instance, if you're auditioning for Les Miserables you want to sing a pop-style ballad, and if you're auditioning for Chicago you want something jazzy and sardonic!.

In this day and age, the internet is a remarkable tool for someone to expose him or herself to a wide variety of shows without having to spend an arm and a leg!. If you have an audition for a show coming up (and it isn't an original piece), check out the show's wikipedia page and see what there is to know about it!. See who wrote the music for the show, and check out other shows they've written to maybe find a similar character who might have a song that'll be good for the audition!. also check out projects done by other people the composer has worked with in the past, and you'll likely find other stuff in a similar vein!. (also, if you know what show you're auditioning for, you could always post that as additional info on this question and I'm sure the Yahoo Answers community would be glad to help steer you in the right direction!.!.!.)

Youtube can be helpful in at least hearing the music for many shows, though you may have to wade through some abysmal amateur productions or terrible bootleg videos that have been posted in order to give a song a proper listen!. When you've heard something you think will be appropriate, if the music is in print then it shouldn't be too hard to order a copy of it online, or if you don't want to deal with that then you could call around to local music stores and see if anyone has a copy you can buy!.

In general, stuff like Disney or Frank Sinatra aren't too great for audition pieces!. If you're auditioning for a staged musical, you should bring a song from a staged musical, unless you're specifically told to bring something from a different genre!.

If you want to do the theater thing, it would behoove you to try to expose yourself to as much of the genre as you can, whether that means going to see local and touring shows, buying soundtracks, watching everything you can on youtube, or whatever!. (Seeing shows in particular is very important; watching and listening to recordings will do in a pinch if you're just looking for an audition piece, but there really is no substitute for seeing a piece of theater in it's full glory onstage!.)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Look at the musical Wicked!. I love that musical!! It has great songs, too!. Disney songs!? I say if you're going to do those, sing a classic disney song!. Not any HSM/CAMP ROCK garbage!. Those don't work with auditions for a musical!! Good Luck! HAPPY 2009!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I agree with the last answer! Look at the type of musical you're auditioning for and go for it! And don't be nervous, you're up there to show your talent and have fun, so give them EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!Www@QuestionHome@Com