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Question: How can I become an actress, when nobody lets me!?
I've wanted to be an actress ever since the first time sombody asked me what i wanted to be when i grow up!.
I'm turning 15 in march, and i've never been to an audition, never taken classes!. !.!.its embarrassing!.

the reason is this: i am vietnamese, as in i have an asian family!. nobody, and i mean NOBODY in my family wants me to act!. they think its a bad thing and turns you into a bad person or something!. its so frustrating!!!

they all want me to be what THEY want!. its so confusing and stressful whenever the topic comes up!. "I want you to be a doctor!" "No be a lawyer!' "No lawyers are bad people, become a dentist!" "Become a business executive!!" it makes me want to freaking shoot myself!. i'd rather pull my eardrums out than listen to them pressuring me to be all these boring things!. but then i dont want them to disown or hate me either!.

i know i sound demanding!.!.and spoiled!.!.!.and unrealistic, but its what i want, but i dont know how to get!. i dont even know what an audition would be like!. i know nothing about the show business, yet i know i want it really bad!.

so i just dont know what to do anymore!.
to put everything in a nutshell, i want to be famous!. to be in movies and magazines!. to have my picture taken!. but:
1!. i'm not allowed!. i cant do these things without my family support!.
2!. i dont know where to start!.

so!.!.!.to everyone who reads this, please help me!.
this is who i am, and i dont want to change, and be something boring just for the pleasure of my family, but i still dont want them to hate me!.
i've been really depressed lately, and its all because of this!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Everyone's parents have high expectations for them You should look at i through their eyes, they want their daughter to have a solid success route when it comes to her future and I know its hard to deal with!. I'm an actress and trust me, its a hard scene!. Not everyone can be famous!. I'm not and sure, I would love to be all over the magazines but its hard!. I think that your goal is high a little too unrealistic!. Not to say that you'll never be an actress but just that maybe you should start smaller and build up!. Talk to your parents about how you feel and try to understand their side of the story!. Then look into acting classes so you can learn what the acting scene is all about -and trust me, its harder than it looks But just stay passionate about it and make sure acting is the route you want to take, even if it doesn't make you famous!.

Good Luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Cool!. Traditional Asian family, and in most of Asia, actresses were prostitutes!. So you are in high school!. Is there a school play!? Family say no to that!? Then how about choir!? You need to start with something in which there are public performances, to break open the family taboo!.

See if your school has a Drama group, or English classes which do plays in class!. Read plays!. Sing, to get vocal control!. Study makeup (that will probably be allowed!)!. If you can't get on stage, will your parents let you work crew on a play!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

you can't!. and that's final!. Now your uncle has gotten you a GOOD job at Wal-Mart so you get your butt in there and start working!. You should get a raised to six dollars an hour in four years!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Become a porn actress n u will become a Porn Star!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

School Plays!.
Go to auditionsWww@QuestionHome@Com

it sounds like you are just wanting to break the family tradition of being something other than famous and it sounds like you just want the fame!. if you've never acted before or have done anything to do with the industry, how do you know you really love what it takes to get there!? how do you know you are really passionate about acting!? the fame isn't everything in acting, behind the camera is long hours to learning lines, rehearsing!. then being an actress means that you won't be able to go to school and you'd have to have an on-set tutor!. you are away from home a lot and don't get to see your friends much!. the fame and fortune sounds all so great, but if you've never experienced it, how do you know that's really what you want!?

however, if this is still what you want, then being an actress doesn't mean having to be on tv and being famous!. you can be in plays and musicals, that's still acting, and you can still consider yourself an actress!. most actors are known as "struggling actors" and are still trying to land that ONE audition that will change their life forever!. most actors/actresses are getting minor parts or are working as extras trying to build their resume and it takes a lot to finally be "famous!."Www@QuestionHome@Com

Umm i didnt read it all but i read like 2 paragraphs!.!.Personally when you are 18 go to college get a degree in actressing and go for YOUR dream, not your families!. i know it will be hard at first b/c well one they wont help you with college!. two when things get hard you wont have them there for you!. BUT if they are a good family they will love you for you and accept that this is what YOU want to do!. And hey if they dont maybe when you become a big broadway star or actress you will be bring the big bucks!.!.!.just truly i mean maybe right now try to take some drama electives in high school!. then when you are 18 if u dont change ur mind go for it!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Shoot for your dreams!. Try explaining to them that this is really what you want to do with your life!. It will become easier when you turn 18 and are able to decide for yourself what you want to study in college!. Taking classes in high school is nice, but not absolutely crucial!.

However, I must warn you, wanting to be famous and have your picture taken is a very bad reason to want to be an actress!. You should want to act because you are passionate about it and because you love the craft!. Fame is a very fleeting thing!. If you want to become an actress, I think that you absolutely can as long as you work hard and focus on your dream!. Just put a lot of thought into your motivations first!.Www@QuestionHome@Com