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Question: Need help with midsummer night dream FAST AND URGENT!!?

i really need an answer to this urgently!!!!!

why did egeus not like lysander!?!?!?!?

did he accuse him of just wanting his money and not loving hermia!?!?!?

and why did he like demetrius so much!


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Look at Egeus' speech in Act One, Scene One, lines 22-45!. You'll see that Egeus does not say that Lysander, "has bewitched her with words!." He does accuse Lysander of wooing Hermia without her father's permission, of giving her gifts, writing her poems, and serenading outside her window even though Egeus has chosen somebody else to be her husband!.

Egeus does not accuse Lysander of being a fortune hunter!. And Lysander says that he and Demetrius are both "well possess'd (i!.e!. rich), so it's pretty clear that they both want Hermia for herself, not for the sake of her father's money!.

Egeus never says why he prefers Demetrius as a potential son-in-law!. It might be safe to assume that the real issue for Hermia's father is his desire for unquestioning obedience from his daughter!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

egeus will never ever like lysander because not only did hermia pick him of her own accord, but he is a poet and egeus actually says "he has bewitched her with words"!. and he doesnt think that he can provide the kind of life that he wants for his daughter!.

egeus loves demetrius because he chose him!. he is a respectable man and has everything that egeus wants for his daughter!.

it is up to your own interpretation to figure out if egeus really wants to kill his daughter for not picking the man he wants or if he is only trying to scare her into going along with what he wants!.

i hope this helpsWww@QuestionHome@Com