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Question: 14 year old actress wanting some advice!?
I know there is little i can do at this age, but i want to be very prepared for the future!. i aspire to be an actress!. i would like any hints, advise or tips in how i can become a better and sucssesful actress!. i am currently attending a drama school in Vic!. any advise!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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(Ok, I kind of posted this on your other question, but the first two paras are different)

There's lots to do in Melbourne!. It's a fringe theatre town, which means most of the work is self-produced by young and emerging artists!. Definitely check out doing work experience with a local pro company, and do extra-curricular classes!. There's a lot of great places to attend (if you let me know your suburb I can give some more specific advice on who/where)!. There's heaps of great uni and TAFE courses (Deakin, VCA, Swinburne, Monash, NMIT to name just a few); try to take one of NIDA's summer/winter short courses, it looks great on a resume!. Build up your experience until you leave school and attend a course, and of course, get an agent!. Keep at it!

Oh, and volunteer for the Melbourne Fringe Festival (do front of house) or the Comedy Festival!. You get to meet people who have similar ideas, see some shows, work behind the scenes and make important contacts, as well as build your resume!. Even if you don't want to do tech, volunteering is an excellent first step to seeing what goes on in Melbourne!. Timetabling is flexible to your needs, so work out what times are best for your schedule/transport needs, and make sure your parents approve!.

First off, check out local auditions at theatre!.asn!.au, or read up on Aussietheatre!.com!. If you're keen, pay for a membership at QuietOnSet!.com!.au or Artshub!.com!.au; they list heaps of auditions every day around Australia!. Another good site is screenhub!.com!.au!.

My best advice is to visit the first link, head to the FAQ section, and read about finding agents in Australia, how to find work, etc!. It also has a lot of stuff about dodgy Aussie agents to avoid and people have already listed recommendations there for agents!. There's heaps of free info there for new actors, and is practically the best place you can find info for emerging actors!. There's also a huge list of companies that you can search by suburb!. AGENTS DO NOT COST MONEY - IF THEY ASK FOR FEES UPFRONT, THEY ARE DODGY!.

Visit www!.alliance!.org!.au, the actor's union for Australia and join!.

If you don't have experience don't expect a professional role or an agent!. I suggest you use the next years to build up experience, and then try applying for a local uni course!. Trust me, there are too many actors out there and not enough roles!. Everyone wants to be in Home and Away and Neighbours; very few actually do it!.

Those Aussie actors who are in Hollywood have spent the better part of 20 years developing their career - first in Australia, and then overseas!. Do yourself a favour; take some classes and do some shows first!.

Think about attending WAAPA, NIDA or VCA or one of the many great courses out there (there are heaps) when you're ready!.

There's a lot of indie films being made in Australia, for which you can audition for without an agent; check the first link for examples, or Quiet On Set!.

DON'T sign up for one of those American talent sites!. They are scams and never have anything for Australian auditions!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Never be afraid to be yourself! Don't ever try and be someone your not, just because you think that's the way you should act!. Always have a great attitude and wear a smile!. People in the acting business like to see people with a good attitude!.

If you do not have an agent yet, it will be a good idea to get one! To get auditions for things most of the time you need an agent!. Agents represent you and negotiate prices for you as well!. There are a couple of ways to get an agent!. One, you can send in your headshots with resume attached to the agents you would like to be represented by!. Just make sure you thoroughly look into the agency first though, because there are a lot of scams out there!. Remember that agents do not cost any money and if they do it is a scam!. Another way to get an agent is the place where you would take acting classes at usually offers a "showcase" after taking a certain amount of classes!. A showcase is where invited legit agents come and you audition for them!. If they like you then you can meet with them and sign with them!. Signing with them means that you sign papers to be represented by them!.

Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

This is harder to do than it sounds, but if you can pull this off, then you would be a fantastic actress!. when you act, you have to remember all the lines and all the actions required that the script tells you to do!. these steps are wrong!. you dont ever think about the actions that are required, you do everything naturally!. you dont think about drinking from a glass, you let it flow naturally!. you have to simply let loose, forget about everyone and not act yourself, but be yourself!. if you can do that, then everything should flow and it would be a much more believable performance!. good luck!. hope that helpsWww@QuestionHome@Com

Hey there, I know the feeling!.!. im 16 living in Vancouver and just getting into the acting world ,first thing you need to do is enroll in classes which you have and thats awsome!.!. you can NEVER have too much training!.!.!. look for specific training such as movement, script analysis ect!.!.!. next thing you want to do is start looking into film schools or universitys near where you live and see if any of them need any volunteer actresses the good thing about volunteering is that you can usually ask for a copy after which you can use for a demo reel when applying for agents!.!. great website with lots of answes i attached below!.!. just remember to have fun, love what you do and good luck :)
p!.s!. and sure actings a tough buisness to get into but as long as its somthing you love to do then do it, for example my acting coaches are a couple who just moved here from L!.A!. the husband has been in movies like 300, Watchmen and the day the earth stood still and the wife has only done plays!.!. but they teach because they love it!.!. thats what makes an actor!.!. passion!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Not sure if this answer can really help but I have a cousin that is a model/dancer and what I can tell is pretty basic stuff!.

-Research into what you want to be, how to become, etc!.
-Talented they want talent, dancing, singing, talents that would captivate fans!.
-Connections, it is never too early to find out about acting agencies or making friends with some people that are good as agents of actors!.
-Smart - being smart also helps, the world doesn't want someone like Ms!. Carolina
-Whole package - smart, athletic, beautiful etc!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Wait until your eighteen then you can learn the true side of Hollywood promotion, and fully understand "Californication" by the chilli peppers!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

yes , you have move one step ahead by enrolling the drama school!. Next have passion about famous actress you admired most!. Keep learning the essence of life!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

not to discourage you but have a back up plan acting is a tough thing to get intoWww@QuestionHome@Com

Don't make boyfriends at the height of ur careerWww@QuestionHome@Com