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Question: Need help picking a monologue!?
For those who act what would be a good monologue or could u tell the one u use so I can practice cuz I'm not exactly sure how to pick a monologue, so could someone help me!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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As an actor, you would best be served by developing at leas three monologues - one comic, one dramatic, and at least one Shakespearean!.

If you google "monologues," you'll find several sites like this: http://www!.actorpoint!.com/free_monologue!.!.!.

These are a good starting point, and they're often broken down by length and category!. You have to be careful, though, because sometimes they can be really overdone!. When you read plays, or watch movies, keep an eye out for speeches that appeal to you!.

It's important to make a monologue your own!. Don't try to mimic somebody else's interpretation, beat for beat!. Find your own voice, and use the monologue as a showpiece for -that-!. Directors want to see your thoughts and honest efforts, not a copy of somebody else!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

heres a good monologue, i forgot what its from but you could always look it up

Background Info: Craig just had sex with his bestfriend's girlfriend!. Here, he is trying to patch things up with his bestfriend!.
Wait a minute! Just wait, I mean if your not going to give me a chance to tell my side of the story then I don't know what we're doing here!. I mean come on!. What is all of this if it's just going to be you berating me!? I think we need to have an open, you know, discourse!. You know what I'm saying!? You know!? No, shut up, my chance to speak!. This is my time here!. Ok here we go!.
I can see why you would think this is all my fault!. I mean the whole thing looks a little incriminating!. Sure!. Yes!. Of course!. But who is the enabler!? Huh!? Oh ****, I got you there!. Yeah who is the enabler!. Let me tell you who!. You!. I never would have been in this situation if it wasn't for you!. Your always bragging about your girlfriend and how great she is!. You parade her around like she's your own little blue ribbon at the state fair!. And we're friends!. I mean I'm sorry but when you say things like your my best friend and if I ever need anything don't hesitate what am I supposed to think!.
So fine yes I had sex with your girlfriend, and yes I feel bad, but what I am really saying here is that I'm not alone!. I think all this negative energy your giving me right now, I don't think it's all about me!. I think some of that might be more about you!. So yeah you can end the friendship, you can beat me up, you can choose your woman over me, and by the way she's hot and all, but she really wasn't !. !. !.ok bad place toi go!. Bad place to go I understand!. I'm sorry!. Look all I'm saying is, all I'm saying, where are you going!. Oh come on come back man!. Ok It's your turn now go ahead, speak!. Come back, I'm sorry!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

pick a song you like and use the lyrics as a monologue -- make sure ypu asct it out - dont sing it

worked for me

(let me know what happened)Www@QuestionHome@Com