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Question: If you play piano then PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
When I play hard pieces my wrist hurts sometimes!? I'm right handed and my left wrist hurts sometimes when I play moonlight sonata by beethoven or even rachmaninov's prelude op 23-5 (two fantastic pieces btw)!. My piano teacher said I have stiff wrists and I need to relax them or else I get tendonitis, I don't know how to relax my wrists!!!! I've tried a million exercises and my wrists refuse to obey my command!!!

Please tell me how YOU play piano in EXACT detail, how your wrists feel when playing chords, when rolling notes, when doing trills, and especially rapid CGEG CGEG CGEG CGEG like beats!. It would prolly suck to have tendonitis!.!.!. So any suggestions!?!?!? Thanks so much!!!

also just out of curiosity how hard do the two pieces mentioned above look (look them up in Youtube or something)!? Has anyone played them before!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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instead of telling you how I play, let me ask a question!. When you play, do you move your elbows at all!? Let your arm follow your hands across the keyboard or do you keep your elbows close to you!? Movement in the arms will help with your stiff wrist problem but won't unstiffen your wrists!.

Try adjusting your seat!. Practice playing with the seat to low and then to high, this will sometimes force your wrists to move more!. If you find that there is a better height adjustment than what you are using, that could 'cure' your problem all together!.

Your teacher may or may not allow arm movement!. I have had both types--one that says keep elbows close to body, and one that says your arms accent your playing so flow them with your music!. Good luck with that!Www@QuestionHome@Com