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Question: Did I turn off employers by saying I was an aspiring actor!?
So I had an interview at Banana Republic and I did really well!. At least that's what I thought!. They liked all my responses to their questions!. Im pretty sure I lost the job because I told them that I was an aspiring actor!. Did that turn them off completely or were they just looking for a person with more retail experience!. They seriously had me thinking that I was going to get the job!. Anyways that's one more lesson I learned in life!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Hi Leo G,
Interviewers want to know what you can do for them!. They are not overly interested in your dreams or aspirations unless you were applying for stage or movies!.

Address the Job Criteria always!. Sell them the notion that you are able to meet the Job Specification!.

Go to your local library and ask for a copy of -
'What Color is my Parachute!? a wonderful bible for Career Change and Job Seeking!.

Next time you are being interviewed use the STAR approach to do well at your interview and to impress the interviewer!.
S = a situation, problem, issue you had to solve!.
T = task / problem you had to solve!.
A = action you took to solve the problem!.
R = response / outcome, successful of course!.

You can do it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Duh! An employer wants somebody who will be dedicated for a long term!. An aspiring actor, by definition, is looking for other work!. Why would the employer want to train you and invest so much time and effort in you, then potentially have you fly off at the first part you get!.
They probably really liked you in the interview, and had to think hard about it when it came time to make the offer!.
I once worked with a dance troupe that didn't give an opening to a very talented girl because she had other commitments as well, so the spot went to another person who didn't audition as well, but was more likely to be fully committed for the contract period!.
Consider it one of many auditions!. You'll need the proverbial thick skin and self confidence in spite of rejections and near misses!.
Good luck!.Www@QuestionHome@Com