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Question: Becoming a famous actress!?
ok i'm 14 and decided i wanted to be an actress i want to be known i want to be a actress on tv and movies and prbly commercials!.!.but i've never tooken acting classes or stuff like that i practice acting and i'm probobly going to join drama at school next year and i was wondering if this is a good start!?every season we get a magazine of activities in our community and i was thinking of joing the acting for youth $45/4weeks!.!.heres the description to it:Does your child have a desire to be in the acting industry!?Do they enjoy acting for fun!?This class prvides an acting overview and will help your child with there acting skills for film,telivision,commercial and theater,Various acting techniques will be taught!.Families will be invited to class productions and a showcase!. is that a good way to start!?i just need to know!.!.srry i really dont know y this came out soo long the side bar started going crzyWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Hey Im Ana(: Im 14 too! I decided that I wanted to be a famous actress since I was 4!. I am in a Production company called BeProductions!. I have taken various techniques for acting skills and audition skills!. As much as you want to be famous, it does take a long time and can get very tiring!. I just finished my acting class course and am moving on to my next one!. You have to be very sure that this is something that you want to de before you go around in acting agencies or companies!. They will make you pay lots of money, and you have to be sure that the place that offered you a contract is REAL and not FAKE! You also have to be 1000000% committed into acting!. Your classes seem like a good way to start!. ANYTHING begineer is a good way to start!. You dont want to go to an agent att all yet, if you dont know about acting!. There is so much to learn about it, and agents wont kate you until yu have it all right!. After your classes, they say that there will be a showcase, which is very good!. A showcase is where you audition in front of a lot of agents and each of them see you perform together!. This is a way of yourself being known to the agents and to see if they are intrested in working with you!. If you do go to your classes I wish you the best of luck, and do a REALLY good job in your showcase, remeber you only get to meet the agents once, so make it REALLY GOOD! Sorry, this is so long!. But if you have any questiong feel free to message me or something(: GOOD LUCK!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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