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Question: (URGENT) Some easy costumes for villain's sidekick!?
Hi there!.
At school in my drama course, we are having a melodrama unit, and I'm playing the villain's sidekick/henchman!.
I'm just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what my costume should be!?
It should just be something simple and common!. The setting is 100 years ago, so what kind of clothes should I wear!?


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
well, my first answer would be i need to know what the villain looks like!. b/c you're character is an extension of his (his job, his background, ect!.!.!.!.) a lot of what his background is could very easily dictate what you're costume is!. typically, in a melodrama, the henchman is the worker out of the pair!. example, if the villain is a wealthy politician, he would probably dress at the height of fashion and try to appear very dapper!. while the henchman may be dressed well, i would, for example, put him without a coat while the villain would be in full suit!. this shows status (you are lower so don't have the trappings of his status, plus you work a lot harder and dirtier than he is expecting to work)!. this can be easily achieved by some looser khakis, a white button up shirt, and a vest!. and as you can see in some of these pics, a hat does amazing things to an outfit!. so dont blow your wad on shirts and shoes and pants!.!.!.blow the money on a great hat from that time period!.

the second link is kinda what i'm talking about!. it's a good example of costumes for the archetype; also keep in mind this is a western melodrama so the time period may not be what you're looking for but the concept is the same!. you've got the hero in the white hat; slightly blushed cheeks (innocence) and he's even got the badge!. then the villain in red and black with the evil facial hair and kinda gross but otherwise not badly dressed; he's just a jerk!. then, on a guess, i would say the guy in the red cravat (good way to cheaply express a time period for dudes by the way - how they wore the tie of that time period) is the henchman; he's still dressed nice, just more casual than the villain but same colors!.

it's hard to find pics of what you're looking for!. they just dont show the henchman that much but alongside the villain, it's a great role!. you can get away with a lot more and the berth for comedy is up to you so have fun! hope this helps!Www@QuestionHome@Com

High or top hat; black frock coat; white shirt; vest; ascot or tie; trousers; suspenders; ankle-length black cape!.Www@QuestionHome@Com