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Question: How can I get into acting in NSW Australia!?
I live in NSW, Australia, but a long way from Sydney and even further from Melbourne!. My ultimate dream is to be a professional actress in movies but how can I ever get to do that if I live so far away from places that have NIDA!? We're not that wealthy either so it is difficult to go to Melbourne or Sydney for such things!. We have musical theatre in my town, but when they do plays, the rehearsals are almost every day for weeks and weeks and go from 6 until 11 pm, and I simply cannot afford to make that sacrifice because I have to go to school and do assignments and get sleep etc!. I don't know what to do!. Oh btw I am 15!. (well, almost =P)
I have one experience, I have been in the school musical last year, with a major role!. I had more lines than singing so it suited me!. I thoroughly enjoyed it!. Any help appreciated!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Create your own shows! That's what most of the theatre people (even the pros) do!. You can create your own timetable, create a youth performance group with friends or other people!.!.!. do get involved as much as you can at school!. Then when the time comes, go to NIDA or another course!.!.!.!. The below is what I normally advise:

First off, check out local auditions at theatre!.asn!.au, or read up on Aussietheatre!.com!. If you're keen, pay for a membership at QuietOnSet!.com!.au or Artshub!.com!.au; they list heaps of auditions every day around Australia!. Another good site is screenhub!.com!.au!.

My best advice is to visit the first link, head to the FAQ section, and read about finding agents in Australia, how to find work, etc!. It also has a lot of stuff about dodgy Aussie agents to avoid and people have already listed recommendations there for agents!. There's heaps of free info there for new actors, and is practically the best place you can find info for emerging actors!. There's also a huge list of companies that you can search by suburb!. AGENTS DO NOT COST MONEY - IF THEY ASK FOR FEES UPFRONT, THEY ARE DODGY!.

Visit www!.alliance!.org!.au, the actor's union for Australia and join!.

If you don't have experience don't expect a professional role or an agent!. I suggest you use the next years to build up experience, and then try applying for a local uni course!. Trust me, there are too many actors out there and not enough roles!. Everyone wants to be in Home and Away and Neighbours; very few actually do it!.

Those Aussie actors who are in Hollywood have spent the better part of 20 years developing their career - first in Australia, and then overseas!. Do yourself a favour; take some classes and do some shows first!.

Think about attending WAAPA, NIDA or VCA or one of the many great courses out there (there are heaps) when you're ready!. You're near Sydney, which means you'll be competing with all the NIDA actors; so you'll definitely have to do some hard work and training before being able to get an agent!.

There's a lot of indie films being made in Australia, for which you can audition for without an agent; check the first link for examples, or Quiet On Set!.

DON'T sign up for one of those American talent sites!. They are scams and never have anything for Australian auditions!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It's good that you are focusing on school more still, as you will need to have a back up plan if acting doesn't work out!. It's a tough job, and you will not make a lot of money!. Don't expect to become a superstar!.

When you finish school, move to Sydney and go to uni or NIDA!. Until then, keep building experience in amateur productions!.Www@QuestionHome@Com