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Question: What are Shakespeare's plays about!?
I really really want to get into Shakespeare materiel and some of his plays look really awesome!. Can somebody give me the main story and the main characters of these plays: Romeo & Juliet
A Midsummer Night's Dream


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Very hard to summarize; some good links below

Romeo and Juliet - A tragedy about two young lovers from warring families!. Due to family interference and miscommunication, both die!.

Macbeth - A tragedy about ambition!. Macbeth, through supernatural and wifely influences, murders his way to power which leads to his downfall!.

Midsummer - A comedy about four sets of lovers: one fairy couple, the Duke of Athens and his bride, and four young Athenians!. Part of the great fun of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is that all of these characters are made into fools by love and fairy magic!.

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