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Question: !.!.!.anyone good at giving speeches!?
!.!.!.because I'm really shy, and I'm really not used to talking in front of big crowds, and it's also really hard for me to get confidence, so I can't just "talk confidently!."

So does anyone have an idea on how I can deliver this speech well!? 50% of this grade is on how well I can deliver it!.!.!. help!?!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I have the same problem :)

Chances are that they won't be listening very closely, so I wouldn't over worry about it!. That, if anything is what would slip you up--worrying so much that you stumble over words!.

Think of some times when you've done something really amazing, and that should boost your confidence (or, lol, listen to another person's speech that doesn't sound as good as yours)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

practice in front of friends, family,anybody!. memorize your speech, this may seem obvious, but its important!. when you do your speech, make a "spot" in the back of the classroom, which is a place where you rest your eyes on, so you don't have to look at everybody!.
just practice and you'll look good! :)
and its okay to be a little nervous!. sometimes i still get nervous and i took years of drama classes and am used to performing!.
best of luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

yes i can help you i do varsity oratory for the debate team!.

first off you have to sale your self by your speach and actions!.

MAKE sure u rememberise your speech or at least enough of the speech to improvise!.

when talking know your audience even if your shy and stare them dead in the while talking if your speech is serious then use a serious look!.

if not then smile and talk , captivate your audience!.

eye contact


as for confidence do not worry they are human!.Www@QuestionHome@Com