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Question: I really wanna become an actress!?
I'm almost 14 (I know, very young), but I'm very mature for my age, even though I can be random!. Well, I was wondering how I could get in the acting business!. I really don't wanna start or end up on Disney Channel, though!.!.!. People have told me I'm an amazing actress and I think I'm pretty good!. (Not trying to sound braggy!) D:Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Actually, both of your answers you recieved were wrong!

You are not too young, its always better to start anything young, of course career wise!. You need to get some experience under your belt!. Get into community theatre and theatre classes in school (If your school offers it) Then if you really do love acting (Which takes seriously hours and hours of work to get things done) Then you get together your resume and professional headshots and send them to LEGIT agencies in your area!. Look in the SAG/AFTRA website!.

This doesn't happen overnight and im sure you know that because you dont want to end up on disney channel, this is the first and im very proud!

This industry does not cost you money unless you have an agent, the only thing you will have to pay for are your own headshots and all that stuff you need to provide yourself!. Other than that, your agent gets money from the work you do!.

I really do hope this helps and good luck to you and your career!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well hun, the first thing you need to do is get some experience!. Go to a local theater or join the drama club at school!.

Next, Get an agent!. Unfortunately, they don't work for free so you'll need alot of money for this business!.

Then, go to Hollywood and hit the studios!. If you don't have an agent by this time than you really should get one!.

Well there you go!!! hope this helps!!! :PWww@QuestionHome@Com

okay, thts wat all young ppl say; im very mature for my age!. almost always theyre not!. and listen to the radio, and go to a talent scouting agency!. but i recomend waiting until ur 18, most ppl wont take u til ur an adultWww@QuestionHome@Com

good luckWww@QuestionHome@Com