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Question: How do I convince my parents i want to be an actor!?
I want to be an actor!. But my mom ALWAYS tries to discourage me of everything!. And my dad says there is too much of a risk in that road, he says "Fro every 1 sucessful actor, there are thousands of people who tried and failed," My Dad wants me to be a Doctor or computer engenier!. I know iv'e got the the talent!. i have been thousands of play's playing the lead role!. The only play they have come to sse me perform was "once upon a matress" in Patapso middle school during 6th grade, and for some reason, I got a minor role as a lord (there were about 20 other lords in the play) and they dont think I got the talent!. So what are my options!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I think you should for the time being tell your parents what they want to hear and secretly gain experience by doing plays and stuff and say its just an after school activity!. ten when you have enough experience type it all up and give it to them and say i want to do this for my life i am good at it and happy doing it so please let me!.
or you could do what i did !. I told my parents straight up that i want to act and sing for a living and aid that i was happy doing that even though i'm good at science etc!. So after i was done i told them the best thing they could do for me was support me in something i'm passionate about!. i told them i would never be passionate with anything else other than this
And it worked

Good luck!
help plz!?

Do your best act, and convince them, that's what an actor does, convince people!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Parents try to discourage their children from being actors either to protect them (the odds of making a living are even worse than your dad said) or because they think actors lead immoral lives from the publicity about celebrities!. Nothing you can do will change their minds!. You have not been in thousands of plays!. I don't think you "got" the talent to be a doctor or "engenier!." You need a good basic education!. Here's the deal: when you are 18, you can move out of their house, and get a job and set up your own place!. Then you can pursue acting when you wish!. Until you are 18, you live by their rules!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Unfortunately, your parents are right: 99% of actors don't earn a living from their work and spend their lives doing two or three jobs to make ends meet!. However, like you, they do it because they're passionate about it!. My advice is to keep doing acting, but to have a backup plan for when you need it!. I work as a puppet maker, but spend most of my time earning money by working in the website business!. Your parents just sound concerned about your welfare, and perhaps don't see acting as a way of life that will keep you from being homeless or hungry!.

When you turn 18, you can do your own thing, but don't be too naive to think that you won't end up waiting tables or something!. There's no such thing as a 'big break', just lots of hard work!.Www@QuestionHome@Com