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Question: STAGE FRIGHT!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
hiya, any tips on stagefright would be really useful!.!.!. mu performances are at the end of the month im playing PeterPan so i cant mess up!.!.!.its panto so if i mess up a lil it wnt matter too much im just really really NERVOUS!!!!! last time i got hiccups and sounded silly!.!.!.there is over 6000 people cumin to see!.!.!.help me plz :S
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First off!. Congradulations! the fact you got the lead means you are totally ready to perform your part!!!
Messing up happens, thats what makes a great performance how you come out of it, and that the beauty of live theater!.
Confindence will get you everything!. So remember why you are great!
Backstage pump yourself up, listen to music, dance!.
What I do right before I go on is run through my lines in my head just to be sure, but once you're out there go for it!.!.!. "and your flying!!"
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I used to have such bad stage fright!. But i finnaly got used to being on stage!. I realized in my last musical audition for once upon and island!. That when you audition or play a part YOUR NOT YOU! Act how THEY are tottaly change your character and be them!. Put on hte best possible presentation of someone else as you can!. lose the stage fright by not being able to have stage fright cause everything is real!. :D ha ha i dont know if i made that to make sence!. But thats what i do!. :D hope i helped!. good luck!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Imagine the audience is all your best friends - no strangers out there!. When it gets really bad, imagine that Rolf Harris (do you know him!?) is sat about 4 rows back from the front, egging you on with a massive grin on his face, giving you a big thumbs up, yelling, "Go on kid, y'know ya can do it!" etc!. It works for me anyway!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Sometimes it helps to pretend that you are your favorite actor!. "What would they do, THEY wouldn't be scared why am I" That sort of thing!.!.

Or pretend that all the people are just dummys and you're just practicing in front of them!.

But first thing's first, calm down!. It's not a big deal just stop building it up alright!? You'll be fine

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OK!.!.!.Just think in your head that there all in there underwear!. Then think it's just me having fun!. One more tip is to think the audience are hobos so you can laugh while performing so it will look like your smiling but don't think of that while you're doing a talking scene!.Www@QuestionHome@Com