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Question: I need inspiration for a poem and i was wondering if anybody had any ideas!?
Well i write a lot of poetry and i need some topics and i was wondering if you had any ideas that you dont mind we usingWww@QuestionHome@Com

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use seasons, favorite days of the week, unique animals, anything plain and simple, but things that stand out from the rest, i write poetry, too, so i know it can be tricky!. some songs are inspirational, pick your favorite line or verse from a song and see what you can do with that, also, use simple words and really big ones in i sentence to make it sound a little better, that last part was my personal opinion, but go ahead, use all the rest, its helpful, thats what i use!Www@QuestionHome@Com


Her petite frame trembled with joy when she felt the very first movement from within;
She sadly wondered how anybody having felt this could ever begin

To consider commiting such a cruel, selfish, and heinous crime!.
At least one woman will claim "It's my life, my choice, this body is mine!."

A good response to that person is to wish her an especially nice birthday,
And also remind her to be grateful her mother chose not to throw her away!.

Written by: Punny Poetress 01/27/09Www@QuestionHome@Com

i love hope faith to be in my poems but the way i write moe poems i do more when someone hurts me emotional also think of someone that has touched your heart that at one time you couldn't forget think about how they made you feelWww@QuestionHome@Com