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Question: Do you like this poem!? Yes, no, maybe so!?
I wrote this poem because I was board and I wanted honest opinions on it!.!.!.!.yes I know I am screwed in theead!.!.!. I know and admit this fully but if you read the poem you will tell that I do not care!.

-People call me emo-

People call me emo!.!.!.

I don't really care!.

I reply: "What of it!?"

Their eyes get big

and they demand:

"So are you!?"

I shrug and walk away!.

They say: "You can't do that to yourself!."

I tell them: "It isn't your problem now is it!?"

They stare at me funny,

and then they leave me alone!.

Some of the braver ones,

try to get me to stop!.

I glare at them or start to shut down!.

Both work and both make them go away!.

My mom stares at me!.!.!.

she says: "You showed me this!.!.!.

you said you were depressed!."

I wanted to reply: "Only because if I didn't you would hate me

for not being what I am supposed to be!."

But instead I merely nodded!.

She says: "We'll go to the doctor, they'll help!."

I hold back my cussing!.

All she cares about are appearances!.

She knows I hate shrinks!.

She knows I hate them so much!.

She knows I hate medicine!.

She knows I don't like people in my mind!.!.!.

But she forces me to go!.

She complains: "I pay 100$ a week for you to not say anything!"

I reply: "I don't need a ******* shrink!"

She snorts and rants about medicine!.

"You know I don't want that!" I yell, tears come to my eyes!.

"Fine go without help then," she snaps!.

I don't go to the shrink anymore!.

My mother just stares now

She talks with lies

because all she knows of me is the lies I weave!.

So she won't know the real me!.

She gets mad at the real me she sometimes sees

and then

She stares at me

with no emotion!.!.!.

and people call me emo!.

People call me that!.!.!.

but they don't know the half of it!.

My mother thinks I've stopped!.

My father never knew!.

I don't know if my sister did!.

I think she suspected it!.

My classmates don't know if I'm lying or not!.

I try to cover the scars so they don't poke more

so they don't call me emo

because I am so much more!.

But they don't care!.

All I am to them and everyone;

is a helpless emo cutter!.

I hide it from the world because of

the words they say!.

I hide from everyone

because no one can handle the real me!.

Because I am not what they want!.

So I hide the real me!.

I live a lie!.

I hide!.

I make up excuses!.

I wear long sleeves!.

I alienate myself before they can reject me!.

I don't want people to change me!.

Because I like me for me,

Why can't they!?

I start to cry and no one sees!.

Because they call me emo!.

And apparently;

that's all there is of me!.

By: Ashley M!.M!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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