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Question: More new poetry! lend me ur thoughts! thanks!?
Victory Stairs

Day after day, the sun goes down
As the moon rises up from the ground
I train for hours to build up strength
To travel to you, no matter the length

I sweat from my brow, after running each mile
It'll be worth it, once I see your smile
I go through the pain, each difficult moment
I'm tired as Hell, but I can not show it

I run through the night and through the day
I work forty hours and I'm saving my pay
I started with writing but it wasn't enough
So I went through hell to prove I am tough

The pain that I go through I know it is nothing
But this love that I have I swear it is something
I'm reaching my goal as I climb up these stairs
When I reach the top I hope you'll be there

Seeing you would make it all worth it!.!.!.

Forest Of Beauty

I scream “I love you!” up to the sky
No response is given, so once again I try
I yell real loud, and I let my voice go
I hear “I love you!.” but it's my own echo

I walk through these hills, and think to myself
Why can't I share my love, with somebody else
I'm always alone, no matter who tells the story
But that's not your fault, so you don't have to worry

The wind blows past like sand in a storm
I wish I had someone to hold and keep warm
Sadly I don't I stand here as just one
No woman beside me, no daughter or son

I walk on these streets, stepping on stones
I search for a companion, as I walk all alone
I see a river and it flows with such beauty
I here a womans voice, saying how she once knew me

The voice is familiar, like a long distant friend
It's the girl from my dreams, before they all end
She walks a step closer and touches my hand
She whispers to me, “I understand!.”

What does she mean, what is her reason
She resembles the changes of all the four seasons
A new year is coming that's what she did say
I've been searching for years, but it ends today

For she found me!.!.!.

Android (Part 1)

Empty promises surround me, as all hope let's me down
I'm so tired of my father, and just having him around
I know he'll complain, about me writing these lyrics
But that's not my problem, it's his own choice to hear it

I've written about drugs, and going through depression
He simply states that, I should take a therapy session
Don't you think it's sad, even somewhat pathetic
He doesn't know who I am, and doesn't even regret it!?

I write about things like suicide and hate
I've tried to get over it, but he tells me “Accept your fate!.”
He wonders why I write about being so bitter and cold
He wonders what dwells within and why my words are in bold

Maybe if he read my book, he might learn something new
Not from his own perspective, but his sons point of view
I've been sheltered from life, now look where I'm at
I'm scared and alone, I guess I could thank him for that

I'm so angry and mad but he doesn't understand
“I'm not your little boy dad, but instead a grown man!”
He said, “Go to college, for you, it is best!.”
I said, “I'm not like you dad, or any of the rest!.”

He didn't like that answer he said, “Don't screw up now!.”
You'll come to me asking “Why'd I fail!.” and I will tell you how
You threw your life away, by not going to school
Does he honestly think that I'm stupid, does he take me for a fool!?

I've lost my respect, but the sad truth of it all
Is I've lost a lot, but I tried not to fall
But I eventually did and I went spiraling down
I screamed to my father, but he couldn't be found

I was out on my own, so I did things my way
Then he came back, with nothing to say
I feel sorry for you, I must say that it's sad
I have a destined path, leading away from my dad

It's twisted and curved, my path is quite broken
I wonder if he's heard all the words that I've spoken!?
He's told me I'm wrong, but I reply, “Get out of my way!.”
But he's at the point where it doesn't matter what I say!.!.
Android (Part 2)

You can call me a brat, and say that I'm mean
But I'm starting over, wiping my slate clean
I'm sick of my father and his blind point of view
He constantly says, “When I was young, I was just like you!.”

I'm sorry to inform you dad, but we are not close to the same
I'm on a different field, playing a whole different game
You keep reminding me that you know what is best
Well get off my case dad, sit back, take a rest

I'm not an android, or some kind of soldier
I'm a creative mind, and now I am older
You don't like who I am, well I'm sorry, tough luck
But I'm my own person and I don't give a ****
Whether or not you like me!.!.!.

Ship Has Sailed

Do me the favor, of telling my friends
I've come to a stop and met my end
I went through life, you can say I failed
My last chance is gone, the ship has sailed

I blew it all, I lost everything I had
Looking back, I can't blame my dad
I didn't accept the truth like a real man
I walked to the edge, it's where I now stand

I'll pull the trigger don't try to pull me back
What it all comes down to isWww@QuestionHome@Com

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These are such good poems!.!.!.I really like them!.!.!.!.
Try Http://Www!.poetry!.com
They have free poetry contests, and they've published me before!.
I wouldn't change them in any way!.Www@QuestionHome@Com