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Question: Songs/Poetry about protecting the environment!?
Any have any good songs or poetry about protecting the enviroment!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Pay Back

Once sunny skies,
now fade to smoggy gray!.
Polar bears drown,
as their habitat slowly melts away!.

Carelessly people pollute the land!.
One day we will all pay,
for destroying our once beautiful earth!.
Consequences of their actions some unable to weigh!.

If drastic measures are not taken,
we will have seen things our children never may!.
The crisp, clean air of the north country,
might not always be here to stay!.

Once harsh winters become more mild,
the ice never froze on the bay!.
Summer storms are much stronger,
destroying everything in their way!.

Unwilling to invest in what might save the earth,
our supply of natural resources begins to slowly decay!.
They say it’s too expensive,
yet gas prices still higher sway!.

Carbon emissions eat holes in the atmosphere,
our skin absorbing each harmful ray!.
Our thoughtless actions are killing,
people die from skin cancer everyday!.

something i wrote awhile ago thought of it, when I saw your post!Www@QuestionHome@Com