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Question: What do you think of this!? poem!? rant!? its not long!.!?
I dont know what to call this!. What would you call this!? it just came pouring out of me!.
What do you think of it!? what can you pull out from it!?

im trapped as a little girl!. i really believe that!. who is stuck and cant escape!. cant grow!. im like a seed!. as a child!. you are supposed to be nutured and loved and cared for!. my family was suposed to be my soil!. my ground!. my foundation!. the water was supposed to be my friends, who encouraged me, helped me grow as a person, thro bad and good experiences they kept, and the sun, the sunlight was supposed to be me, me, proud of who i was!. my high self esteem, my confidence!. optimism!. giving me light to keeping on going, so i could see the end of the tunnel!. lighted my way thro dark times!. All this, so that i could bloom, into a beautiful flower, with purpose and reason!. my beauty would impress!. i would be proud and loved and wanted!. But no, im still a seed!. thats drying up!. dying inside!. cold!. desperate!. just a seed!. not that flower i so desperately should have been!. all these flowers around me are blooming!. but i am still unborn!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Honey This sounds like a person with a lot of unresolved pain!. I think you need to consider therapy in order to be happier with your self!.


I am a seed, mostly forgotten
I want so much to grow
But I am trapped inside of here!.
A child only I know
They were too busy for me!.
When I needed love and nurture
I only had confusion and fear
How I wish My family
had been the soil
my fertile ground, my foundation
No one bothered to toil
and plant me with care and dedication

I choke sometimes on the wounded child tears
longing from a dark empty space
deep within, haunting my years!.
Never known from the smiling adult face

Where were the friends I was suppose to have!?
Little other beings to encourage me
as we played and loved as little friends do!.
I was so alone with a pain I didn't understand!.
No words for the feelings then, nothing I could see
I only watched my little friends beam
Where is the sunlight of me!?
This little seed of me, left without a land
A place from which to grow
My friends fed each other with love and encouragement
I watched outside the circle, wishing I was free
To feel self esteem and love of self and a future dream
But no one came and watered me with the things I need
Here I am feeling like the dirt is dry as parchment
Too late to plant the real me, the inner seed!.

I want to be proud!. I want to glow with confident pride
I want to sing that I am a beautiful flower
Come and touch my vast treasures inside!.
I am afraid, take my hand and lead me to my life

Make my mirror smile at me with grace
Happy to reflect my face!.
Maybe now my greatest hope lies within
where yet I haven't trod
My beauty might awaken as I flee from sin
And turn to my loving God!.

He will nurture me, love me and name my flower
Because not only is He love, He has endless power!.
I feel as though i am still unborn
I have lived so long in scorn
But the magnificent truth of knowing my Creator
Is: my future holds beauty far greater
I will discover the child in me
only needs God and me to hold her and love her to set her free!.

This is what I pulled out of your writing!. Its <<(your writing) good in content, just needs a little polish and form!. This is just a quick rough draft!.Www@QuestionHome@Com