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Question: Please help me! I need to know if I should continue to write!?
Whenever I hide
You know just where to find me
Whenever I hurt
You know just how to free

Whenever I'm lost
You show me the way
Whenever I'm down
You make my day

Whenever I'm scared
You comfort my soul
Whenever I cry
You play the right role

Whenever I'm nervous
You fill where I lack
Whenever I love
You give love right back!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
You should only ask yourself if you should continue to write!. Did Monet ask a man on the street that he doesn't know if he should continue painting!? Did Martin Luther King, Jr!. ask anyone if he should defend African American rights!? After breaking Elvis' record, did Mariah Carey ask a fan if she should continue singing!? No, they just did what they loved and believed in and didn't ask anyone if they should continue their dream!.

It's okay to ask if a piece of writing is good or not, but it is heartbreaking to ask complete strangers whether you should continue a passion of yours!. It's similar to asking some random person you meet in an elevator if you should continue breathing!.

P!.S!. this is really good poetry!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

like dstar said the answer is yes
even without looking at your poem its yes
even if your poem was literally a bunch of random letters typed together by smashing on the keyboard i would say yes
if its something you want to do do it no matter how good or how strong it is
writing is something you do for yourself not for others
it's not a bad poem a bit sappy but overall well written a little formulaic for my tastes but since when do i matter!?

again in case i didnt make it clear enough
yes absolutely undoubtedly definitely continue writingWww@QuestionHome@Com

u keep on writing! tht is pretty good!Www@QuestionHome@Com