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Question: Please help me!.!.i need to write an ode[poem] bout a sentimental object!.!.!.please help!?
i have no idea what to write can some one write it for me or at least help me get it started
any sentimental object i just really need a good grade
much luvWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
i keep you with me all the time,
and at night,
i kiss you goodnight!.
though non-living,
you've always been faithful,
and a comport,
when i need someone to cry to!.

you never give me the cold shoulders,
i know you'll never say goodbye,
you're my dearest pet,
my best friend,
i'll always have you by my side,
even when i sleep at night!.

you're my teddy,
i made with my own hands,
when i had no friends,
and we were great,
i always had you to play!.
no matter how busy everyone else had been,
i always had you for me,
thanks teddy,
never say goodbye!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Think of anything you have at home that means something to you, like a sporting trophy or a certificate of achievement, or a lock of hair from when you were born, a photo of someone who died, left, is away for a while!.

Then look at it and start to write what you feel;

I sit, staring at your photo
Talking to you in my head
As if you were here beside me,
And not in Iraq instead!.

OK, it's a bit trite and and only the first verse of what ought to go on for maybe three to five verses, but do you get the idea!? It could be anything that brings feeling to the surface for any reason!.

Give it a go, let yourself feel the emotion and just write!. You may be amazed what happens!Www@QuestionHome@Com