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Question: What do you think of my poem!?!? Please comment!?
What is love!?
Is it a simple emotion that can be tamed by man!?
Or is it an uncontrollable feeling that man cannot yet comprehend!?
Being able to tell exactly how she is feeling without saying a word, that's love!.
Caring more about her than you do yourself, that's love!.
Only caring about her happiness, even if that means it's not with you, that's love!.
Not being able to explain your exploding emotions inside, that's love!.
Knowing that she only deserves the best, that's love!.
When your heart beats so loudly just from seeing her that you're afraid that she might here you, that's love!.
Knowing that she is happy with a guy who doesn't deserve her and doing nothing about it, that's love!.
Using her eyes as a get out of jail free card when hurtful memories enter your mind, that's love!.
Entering her eyes and wishing that she was thinking about you, but knowing that she is thinking about him,
That Hurts!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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here should be hear
and instead of "that hurts" at the end "that's hurt" would flow better with the pattern of the poem

overall, it was pretty good!. very romantic for a guy <3!. please read mineWww@QuestionHome@Com