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Question: Rate my poem from 1-10!?
Omaha Beach

“Listen here troops, tonight is the night!.
Were shipping on out, get ready to fight!.”

You grab your things, and head to the boat,
feeling the vomit rise up in your throat!.

You close your eyes, your nerves at its high!.
You then hear a bullet go whizzing on by!.

One by one the men start to fall!.
Your hope of survival increasingly small!.

“Hurry up, Jump!” Your best friend shouts!.
“Before you get shot, by one of them Krouts!”

You run to the beach, without getting shot!.
Though you weren't as lucky as you thought!.

You scream for your friend, and finally see!.
Your friend had got shot, was down on one knee!.

You cradle your best friends head in your hand!.
As his blood starts to soak red in the sand!.

He screams to you, “I don't wanna die!”
You feel so helpless, just watching him cry!.

You scream for the Medic, your eyes finding none!.
You start to sob, as you take out your gun!.

He was going to die, of that you were sure,
but his screaming of pain, was too much to endure!.

You told him you loved him, then said your good bye!.
You pulled on the trigger, and watched him die!.

You felt so numb, so alone, so scared!.
You weren't ready for this, not yet prepared!.

When reality hit you, your heart filled with hate!.
Ready to fight, but a moment too late!.

There you lay dead, beside your friend!.
One bullet was all it took for the end!.

Thanks :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
i really like this poem a lot!.!.!. 10 :)
some of the rhyming i would never think of, but that's also because im a horrible poetWww@QuestionHome@Com


That was very good 8!.75Www@QuestionHome@Com

That rhyming gets hella annoying!.!.but i guess a 6!.69Www@QuestionHome@Com

too "rhymy"!. Were you on omaha!? I doubt it!. I was, and it was nothing like this!. There is no "one bullet", there were thousands!. There was no vomit in your throat!. It was on my shirt, and on my pants, and on the back of the guy in front of me!. You only feel numb when you are dying!. If you feel numb and you are not dying, you are going to be dying soon!.Www@QuestionHome@Com