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Question: Anguish & Despair !.!.!. written by Jerry aka Poet Man =)!?
Dark Moon rising in my head !.!.!.!. every dusk til dawn !.!.!.!. it plays upon emotions there !.!.!.!. some are very strong !.!.!.!.

I'm seeing no escape from it !.!.!.!. I fight it every night !.!.!.!. it scares the hell right out of me !.!.!.!. I pray I see some light !.!.!.!.

I fell in love with her you see !.!.!.!. she doesn't even know !.!.!.!. this eats me like a cancer friends !.!.!.!. my heart is filled with woe !.!.!.!.

Her beauty is beside her friends !.!.!.!. she fills my heart with bliss !.!.!.!. I'd sell my very soul right now !.!.!.!. for just one tender kiss !.!.!.!.

I long to lay with her at night !.!.!.!. to gently kiss her thighs !.!.!.!. to kiss & lick each one of them !.!.!.!. to gently slide inside !.!.!.!.

To feel her warmth !.!.!.!. to kiss her lips !.!.!.!. to hear her gentle moans !.!.!.!. to rock her back and forth my friends !.!.!.!. to hear her sigh and groan !.!.!.!. to watch her shiver, to watch her shake !.!.!.!. she now knows she feels love !.!.!.!.

To hold her tightly in my arms !.!.!.!. with passion she'll never know !.!.!.!. to tell her how much she means to me !.!.!.!. as both our passions explode !.!.!.!.

At last the dawn it finally breaks !.!.!.!. and now I am awake !.!.!.!.

I realize that it was a dream again !.!.!.!. my heart can take no more !.!.!.!. I place the gun inside my mouth !.!.!.!. my trusty 44 !.!.!.!.

I know that I can end this pain !.!.!.!. my eyes are filled with tears !.!.!.!. I raise my class to all my friends !.!.!.!. and bid you final cheers !.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Wow, that was soo beautiful :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Wow, that's beautiful!. I wonder who that lucky woman is ;)
Seriously, it's wonderfully written and it's so romantic, but very sad at the end; which is what I like!. I like tragedies, not the cliche "Happily Ever After", so it's unique!. You should keep writing more poems!. :)

~Mehh (:Www@QuestionHome@Com

Dark Moon
You see!.!.
You fell
I see!.!.!.
Her Beauty
Her warmth,
to hold
at last
a dream
a blast
my 44
pain ends
my friends!.
This is just too tragic!.!. What is wrong with telling the person!.!.!.!.
Or is it the fear of rejection!?
I did enjoy your poem!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Just tell her!. That was beautiful but what good will you do her if she never knows how you feel!. Just tell her!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

that was cool!. i give it a 10!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I agree with Valentine - as for the poem itself - well im not a big fan of this form but despite that i reeeeally liked it - i thought it was original and i especially loved the line with "44" - excellent touch and again, highly original

keep penning :DWww@QuestionHome@Com

Oh my goodness, I do hope this is not the end!. Your words are beautiful but sad!. Life is not always what we want, but it is ours and we can do with it what we choose not what others choose for us!. You have been given a gift , a gift of emotion nurture and caring!. Something few people get blessed with!. Your words ring out that you cant be without this person and yet you have not touched have not shared have not experienced!. You must take what you have learned from your heart and give to someone who can accept it!. It is not easy to move on to other things and longing for someone can be extremely painful!. Especially when youve never had opportunity to fulfill your fondest dreams!. However, somedays we live by taking baby steps and thats not easy, somedays we live by medium steps and then days of large steps!. It is all in how we find peace within ourselves on those steps that makes our journey worth while!. To even consider that the second to last phrase of your poem is your life, you are so wrong!. You have a great deal to offer someone a great deal to give!. Most people say it is money or prestige it is what comes from the heart that matters and you have that ability that desire!. Try walking and just talking and just humming and just riding a bike or fishing or watching a good movie or spending time with friends or sitting in your favorite hangout!. Dreams are just that dreams, they are what we think of before we rest at night!. Relaxing in the evening can release a lot of stress in our minds and using other things to excercise it can help us to eliminate what we dream of!. Look at it like this a dream can be changed by how we think!. so changing our way of thinking may help change the dream!. I dont know all the answers but I do know that removing ourselves from the world causes a loss for another!. Not just our friends and families and so on, but it harms those who wish for the same thing that you do but maybe they are waiting to find you and if you leave they lose that opportunity and end up dreaming a similar dream!. How sad that our world is made up of small things that we choose to control us!. Our lives are controled by a power greater than our own but it is what we do with control we are alllowed to have that makes the greater difference to every person!. We must learn over time to be fair to ourselves free of attack and fear!. We must learn to put fear where it belongs and keep it under our control!. We need to learn how to harness the powers within us that give us the ability to hold down those things that make us seems helpless!. I dont know that any of this will make sense to you but I do hope that it will give you the ability to draw on your own personal strengths to help you to overcome this great sadness you carry that so wants to move to happiness!. My best wishes to you and harness that power within you to overcome even in the greatest of overwhelming odds and keep writing those poems but put something more in them about life and you and living and loving and learning, Id love to read more with those things in it!. Look at it this way some of the greatest things come from the largest fears and some of the greatest things come from the weakest moments!.Www@QuestionHome@Com